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The Little Things I Loved About New York City

The Little Things I Loved About New York City

Girl on New York City street with yellow taxi and city buildings

Not everything has to be a big moment when you travel. Sure, it’s amazing to see the iconic sights, eat in bucket-list restaurants and tick everything off your ‘to see’ list. The big moments will surely stick with you, but the best memories in travel, I find, come from the little moments. The everyday, the unexpected, the time you spend simply soaking in the ambience.

These are my moments from New York City.

Eating Italian pastries in front of the Flatiron building, watching yellow taxis and Instagramming teenagers go past. And then emulating the Instagramming teenagers for my own purposes, obviously.

View of New York City street from High Line

Opening the curtains each morning to do my makeup by the window (because lighting) as I watched the city wake up below me.

The days where we walked, and walked, and stopped for some food, and walked a little more. Always looking up.

The fact I sang ‘NO SLEEP TIL BROOKLYN’ incessantly every day until we actually went to Brooklyn.

Rubbing the Charging Bull’s balls for good financial luck. This is apparently a thing.

Going to our first bar of the trip, a couple of hours after landing, and bumping into one of the friends we were going to Wrestlemania with. By pure, absolute chance, of all the bars in all of New York City.

Walking past tattoo shops and toying with the idea of spontaneous ink. At every damn shop I saw.

Burger Joint, New York

Sitting in a booth with perfect strangers at Burger Joint, a dive-style restaurant with amazing burgers, hidden behind a red velvet curtain in a fancy hotel. No conversation necessary – we were all too busy stuffing our faces.

Joe’s Pizza.

Getting a 2am taxi in the rain on a Sunday night, and marvelling at how alive the city still was.

Brooklyn Bridge in foggy weather

That even, maybe especially, on a foggy day, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge was atmospheric as fuck.

Getting the subway. Pretending I wasn’t a complete tourist and knew EXACTLY where to get off. Avoiding looking at Citymapper and missing the stop, obviously.

See Also

Shopping the amazing pins at Pintrill, Brooklyn.

Colourful wall in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Duke’s bar, where we rested our legs, charged our phones, caught some Wi-Fi and drank half price jugs of spiked lemonade.

Late night trips to CVS for morning Diet Cokes and things we’d forgotten to pack.

Hopping over to New Jersey to Barcade and being absolutely awful at Jurassic Park pinball.

Avenue Q. I saw it when it had recently opened in NYC when I was young, and the songs still worm their way through my brain and remind me of sunny college days. We saw the show again this time round, as it prepared to close its doors. It was just as wonderful as the first time.

Walking the High Line on our last evening in the city; a perfect way to watch the sun set and see off an amazing almost-week.