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Keeping Warm on Winter Adventures

Keeping Warm on Winter Adventures

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Christmas and New Year may be over, but there’s still plenty of winter weather ahead. Especially if, like me, you’re off to Iceland next week. I’m SUPER EXCITED, but have also been panicking that my ‘winter wardrobe’ trick of adding some black tights and a long sleeved top to my ‘summer wardrobe’ just isn’t gonna cut it. Current temperatures are coming in at around -14 and I’m a little terrified of what to expect.

As a result, I’ve been stocking up on thermals, from tops to socks. Another trusty item in my ‘not freezing to death’ arsenal comes in the form of my snazzy new winter jacket from The North Face*, which I took for a spin on my recent trip to Rome

North Face insulated purple jacket

Women’s Inlux Insulated Jacket

It’s COSY, guys. The fleece lining on the inside body and collar is soft and super comfortable to wear, providing a much needed extra layer of warmth when you’re out and about in the winter months. It has Heatseeker synthetic insulation, which means it’s definitely nice and warm to put on when the weather gets cold. Although I’d say you’d need some more thermal layers underneath for extremely cold conditions (I’ll be layering up underneath in Iceland), for a city break or walk around in the UK, it’s perfect.

Despite the jacket being nice and warm, I also didn’t get too hot thanks to the DryVent fabric, which is breathable. We didn’t get any rain in Rome to test the dryness, but I also wore it out on that super snowy day in London and everything underneath stayed dry as a bone. Even when I flopped down on the floor made a snow angel…for testing purposes, of course. 

The collar on the jacket is an absolute godsend in the wind – it zips right up to over my chin to keep things toasty. The lightweight hood covers my head perfectly, without falling down every five minutes (which is my BIGGEST bugbear when it comes to coats), due in a large part to the elasticated loops that tighten it and make me look like the most adorable of purple eskimos. The stretchy cuffs are also a great addition when it comes to keeping the cosiness inside. Being quite a small person, the arms are pretty long on me – but I prefer my jackets this way, so I can hide away my perpetually freezing fingers…

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And of course, I love the colour – an unobtrusive yet stylish mauve purple. It matches my newly purple(!) hair too! It’s lightweight and rolls up well, making it easy enough to pack if needed – but the fact that it doesn’t get you too hot either means it’s an ideal jacket to travel in.

All in all, this is a cosy, comfortable and stylish jacket, perfect for when it gets a little chillier and you need something a bit more hardcore than your usual coat. Although £170 is a lot to pay for a jacket, this one will get years and years of wear, and is a real quality investment if you plan on lots of outdoor adventures.

*I was gifted the North Face Jacket from Milletts to review – all opinions my own.