Oh hey. Welcome! 

I’m Milly. It’s short for something, but I’m not telling you what.

What to expect from Mini Adventures

Budget, affordable travel adventures for the 9-5ers – I’m all about showing that you don’t have to pack up your life and blow all your savings (lol, what even are those) to see more of the world. Expect bargain European city breaks, UK staycations, packing the best things into a road trip. Discover things to do – and particularly places to eat – in London, along with the realities of city life, making sure you spend your ‘fun dollars’ on things that are truly worth it.

Who’s the girl behind the blog?

Originally from a small seaside town, my wide-fit-size-fours found their way to London in 2012. I liked it enough to stay, and I now live with my boyfriend in East London (like, actually east of the city, not just Shoreditch).

This blog basically came from my fear of being bored, the panic of getting old and looking back on a life not well lived. And hopefully inspiring others to get out there and have a little more fun. Because…well…fun’s what it’s all about really. 

By day, I’m a full-time Social Media Exec in the travel industry. Sometimes I do a bit of freelance stuff too. 

Things I like include: pizza, pop punk,  trashy crime thrillers, trashy crime TV shows, scrapbooking my travels, my best gals, my best boys, neon things, dinosaurs, mulled wine all year round, fridge magnets, H&M, cheeseboards, Pepsi Max Cherry and dresses with pockets.

I spend too much money on hair dye and black tights. 

Contact me with your love notes, PR enquries and general musings at millyyoungman@gmail.com. Or Tweet me at @whoismilly, because I’m mostly found there.