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Yen Burger: Giving the burger a Japanese twist

Yen Burger: Giving the burger a Japanese twist

Yen Supreme burger at Yen Burger, London Bridge

Discover Japanese influenced burgers, sides and cocktails at Yen Burger – a London burger restaurant with a twist.

Burgers are absolutely EVERYWHERE these days, and I’m always looking for my next favourite burger restaurant in the city. When I found out about Yen Burger, promising a Japanese take on a food you’d mostly associate with American diners, I was pretty intrigued (I’d also been to a Japanese hot dog place in L.A. a few years back, which I LOVED).

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Decorated bar at Yen Burger, Japanese burger restaurant in London
Neon 'This Must Be The Place' sign at Yen Burger, Japanese burger restaurant in London

Yen Burger is conveniently located on the Borough side of London Bridge station. Initially I thought the place was super small, but turns out there’s plenty of seating downstairs, where we settled in.

The Lychee Dream cocktail was a great first impression, sweet and sharp with a strong lychee flavour. The menu doesn’t have starters, just burgers, sides and desserts; so it was pretty easy to get straight down to the good stuff.

I chose the Yen Supreme burger, which is the most expensive burger on the menu, at £12 (without sides) – so at the pricey end when it comes to casual London burger restaurants. But it was TOTALLY worth it.

Yen Supreme burger at Yen Burger, London Bridge
Yen Supreme burger at Yen Burger, London Bridge
Yen Supreme burger and Surf and Turf burger at Yen Burger, London Bridge

The 100% wagyu beef patty was juicy, definitely on the pinker side of medium rare, and fell apart perfectly in my mouth with the first bite. Thick, chunky pickles and crisp red onion gave a complimentary crunch, and the peppery leaves added some great texture.

However, the Yen Sauce was what really made this special – think along the lines of a higher end Japanese style Big Mac sauce, and you’re in the right ballpark. It made the stack a little bit messy and ALL of the delicious – just how I like my burgers.

If you’re not feeling up to the Supreme, there are plenty of other inventive burgers on the menu starting at £8, including a Surf and Turf with grilled prawns; a cod fillet burger and a coconut panko chicken breast.

Okay, so, let’s be honest – the Japanese twist didn’t come through HUGELY in the burgers we had. But the sides were a different story.

Chicken Gyoza at Yen Burger, London Bridge
Dashi chips at Yen Burger, London Bridge
Halloumi and Mango at Yen Burger, London Bridge

I absolutely LOVED the Chicken Gyoza (£4.50) – crisply deep fried dumplings, with a smooth textured ground chicken filling. Perfect for dipping in some soy sauce, I could eat these all day.

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The Dashi Chips (£3) were unfortunately more on limp and lifeless side, although I did like the umami and slightly spicy seasoning. The Halloumi side (£4.50) was good, even if the mango sauce wasn’t quite the right match for my tastebuds. The Happy Wings (£4.90) were enjoyable, however I do feel like they could have benefitted from a bit more seasoning or a kick of spice.

Green Tea Cheesecake at Yen Burger, London Bridge

I’d REALLY wanted to try the Mochi Ice Cream (because mochi is ace), but sadly they’d sold out. I wasn’t disappointed with the alternative though. The Green Tea Cheesecake (£4) offered a crumbly, crunchy biscuit base and a thick cream cheese topping. The green tea flavour was subtle, and despite its thick consistency the actual flavour of the cream cheese was light and moreish.

The whole meal came to around £60, which included two burgers, chips, gyoza, halloumi, wings, dessert and two drinks – which isn’t horrendous (and you could easily have less sides – I was far too full and couldn’t finish the chips!). Service was speedy without feeling like we were being rushed – we were in and out in around an hour.

The Yen Supreme was one of the better burgers I’ve had in the city, and the gyoza were a perfect side. Despite prices seeming a little higher than other London burger restaurants, the quality and portion size at Yen Burger is good. I’d definitely recommend a visit if you’re looking for something a little different from your standard burger restaurant!

Yen Burger
1B Southwark St, London SE1 1RQ