Affordable Chops in The City: Blacklock

Looking for an affordable City restaurant that’s all about the meat? Blacklock has moreish chops, cheap cocktails and a great atmosphere…

I’d been hearing good things about Blacklock’s City and Soho restaurants for a while before actually getting around to go. Seriously, my ‘to eat’ list grows longer every day…

When it comes to quality, Blacklock’s definitely got chops. And by that, I’m talking about the menu – chops are the order of the day, as this place is all about the meat. It’s worth noting there are no veggie or vegan options available on the main menu – so if you’re not a meat-eater, this isn’t one for you!

Interior of Blacklock, London: An affordable City Restaurant

Nestled into a underground space below the beating heart of the City of London, the space is a former electricity substation. Original features such as the stone walls remain, given a funky twist with antique décor, vintage inspiration and low lighting.

We hit up the drinks menu first. Cocktails for a fiver each, all day every day, in the heart of London’s financial city sound like a pipe dream? Blacklock’s got ‘em. Seven, to be precise. And seven more, slightly stronger, for £7.50 each.

Long cocktail glass with colourful pink cocktail

From the Cocktails For A Fiver menu, I tried ‘Granny’s Spiked Punch’ first. Featuring Madeira wine, Sloe Gin, Lemon and Soda, this one’s perfect for sweet tooths. The English Riviera cocktail also satisfied, with gin, elderflower cider, lemon and prosecco on the ingredients list. It basically tastes like you’re sitting in a country pub garden in the height of summer; when actually, you’re nestled into the underbelly of a bustling city of skyscrapers in the depths of winter.

Between two of us, we went for the ‘All In’ menu option (£20pp, min. 2 people), including pre-chop bites, a selection of skinny chops, bread and a side each.

Canapes on a plate

The pre-chop bites are basically canapes, and look like something you’d get in a fancy upscale restaurant. They taste like it too. The Cheese and Pickle offered an easy intro, served on a crisp , Chicken and Horseradish had a great little kick. The Egg and Anchovy worked surprisingly well as a flavour combo; and the egg mayo was wonderfully creamy with the anchovy providing a salty bite. The pork chops were tasty enough, but perhaps not something I’d rave about; but the lamb was a winner. Fresh, subtly seasoned and with a hint of the charcoal-cooked taste making its way through

Plate piled with meat chops - pork, beef and lamb
Plate piled with meat chops - pork, beef and lamb

Our meaty main course arrived piled up on a plate, a mixture of various kinds and cuts. The beef chops (basically, steaks!) sat at the bottom of the pile, and they were most definitely worth waiting for. Cooked medium-rare(ish), they were wonderfully buttery in texture, and I could probably have eaten a whole plate of these alone.

After chowing down on your chops, there’s an extra delicious surprise at the end. I’d go so far to say the bread may even have been a real highlight of my meal. It was THAT good. Basically, all the juices from your chops are busy soaking their way through while you eat them, leaving two soaked pieces of crisp-edged bread to finish off your meal with. Seriously amazing.

White chocolate cheesecake dessert in a pink bowl with rhubarb on the side, Blacklock London

We weren’t planning on dessert, but when I saw the words ‘White Chocolate Cheesecake’, it had to happen. And I’m REALLY glad it did. The cheesecake is served tableside from a large dish, looking more like something served up at your nan’s house than the neat triangular slices you’d usually think of. The biscuit was wonderfully crunchy, complimented by the rich and creamy filling. My biggest regret? Ordering to share – although the portion size is generous and more than enough for two people!

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On Mondays, Blacklock City offer Butcher’s Prices on all their chops, which we saw at around £5 per 100g – a fair bit cheaper than the usual menu. I’d still definitely recommend the All In in terms of value though…and for the bread…

The total bill for two of us, including starter canapes, main, sides, dessert, two cocktails, one beer and service came to just over £68 – so around £34 each. Which for a city restaurant of this quality, is pretty brilliant.

If you’re into well-cooked meat at an affordable price, Blacklock is definitely the London restaurant you’re looking for!

Blacklock (City)
13 Philpot Ln, London EC3M 8AA
Opening Times: Mon-Wed 12-3pm, 5-10.30pm
Thur-Fri 12-3pm, 5-11pm
closed Sat-Sun

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