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Why You Should Ride The Slotzilla Zoom Line in Vegas

Why You Should Ride The Slotzilla Zoom Line in Vegas

Slotzilla Zip Line and Zoom Line, Las Vegas

If being propelled out of a giant slot machine isn’t a TOTALLY VEGAS way to get an adrenaline rush, I’m not sure what is.

Launching you out at 114 feet – over 10 stories up – the Slotzilla Zoom Line sends you soaring over Fremont Street, dangling horizontally – superhero style. Pretty much the closest you can get to actually flying over the city.

After riding the 77ft high Slotzilla Zip Line back in 2016, I had my sights set on riding the Zoom Line this time round. Even though I was a little bit terrified.

So on our second day in Vegas, we booked our tickets for an 11pm flight. Giving us enough time for dinner to go down, and incentive to not spend all evening propping up the bar…

Slotzilla Zip Line and Zoom Line, Las Vegas

When you first enter to board Slotzilla, you’re given a bag for your belongings. This is attached to the line, and rides along with you. On the lower level, operators fit a harness, which feels discomfortingly loose. Don’t worry – it’s still really safe, but a tight harness would be super uncomfortable on your ride.

A creaky lift took us up to the top floor, and we joined the queue. It says to allow an hour from your ‘boarding time’ to when you actually ride; but we were finished on the zoom line by 11.30 as we arrived five minutes early.

Once you reach the front of the queue, it’s time to get strapped in! On the zip line, you’re in a standard, sitting position harness. The zoom line is different; you lie on your front on an inflatable ‘bed’, and the operator clips your body and legs onto the line. Then, the bed is deflated, and you’re just dangling, ready to go.

The scariest moment is definitely when you’re all harnessed up and waiting for the door in front of you to open. Thoughts of ‘HELP I’M GOING TO DIE, ‘is this on properly?’ and ‘holy shit, this feels unstable’ ran through my head.

But the very second the door opened, and I was shot out into the world, the fear vanished. Fremont Street opened up below me, and I screamed in joy and exhilaration as I soared above the partygoers below. (Big tip: you’ll probably need a drink at the end…)

Fremont Street, Las Vegas

It’s a real rush, and once the initial WOW feeling had sunk in, I had a lot of fun doing superhero poses, and waving to the people looking up from below. Because I’m an exhibitionist, clearly. The light shows and music on Fremont Street just add to the amazing feeling, and after just under a minute, the ride was over.

Warning – it ends with a jolt, a complete surprise to the girl with her arms open, still screaming. That was me, obviously. The zoom line lands at the Golden Gate, at the other end of Fremont Street, conveniently near our hotel. Avoid the Golden Gate bar though – we ended up paying $28 for two celebratory beers…

Photos at the end are expensive, so we didn’t buy any – but I’d recommend having a look, as we had some hilarious faces.

If you’re thinking about riding Slotzilla in Las Vegas, absolutely DO IT. Even if you’re not quite up to the Zoom Line, the Zip Line is still loads of fun (although the Zoom Line is even more awesome and you should totally face your fear and do it anyway).

Slotzilla Zip Line: FAQs

How much does Slotzilla cost?

The lower Slotzilla zip line is $28 (including a $3 processing fee).

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The Slotzilla zoom line is $48 (including (including a $3 processing fee), or $52 at primetime (Friday and Saturday evenings)

You can save $5 off either price by riding before 6pm – but I really recommend doing it after sunset, as it’s way better!

When should I book Slotzilla?

Book in early if you want to ride the Slotzilla Zoom Line. On my first visit, we went to book later and all the spaces were taken up for it, so we booked the lower zip line instead. The bookings office opens at 1pm for rides that day, so head in as soon as you can.

If you’re not able to get to the booking office or just want to plan in advance, you can also book tickets for any time in advance online.

What should I wear?

Comfy clothes, and definitely trousers or shorts. Unless you’ve got super nice undies on that you want half of downtown Vegas to see.

Slotzilla Zip Line and Zoom Line
Fremont St, Las Vegas