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Esquared: The London Pay-As-You-Go Gym App For Commitment Phobes

Esquared: The London Pay-As-You-Go Gym App For Commitment Phobes

Blonde girl using Esquared fitness app for London pay-as-you-go gym classes

Struggling to find the time to fit gym classes and workouts into a busy life? The pay-as-you-go London gym and fitness class app Esquared is your new go-to.

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For a few months earlier this year, I’d been a member of a nearby Gymbox gym. The classes were fun, and my fitness had come on impressively, but I found I wasn’t using my membership enough to justify the £97 a month (I KNOW) fee. So I cancelled my membership, and immediately got REALLY awful at ever doing exercise again.

When you’re busy with work (day job in social media), side hustles (this blog), having a social life (eating burgers and drinking beer), adult responsibilities (cleaning the house) and catching up with the latest Riverdale episodes (wtf is going on?!), it can be hard to find the time to commit to regular exercise.

Plenty of my friends have sung the praises of pay-as-you-go classes across the city; but I struggled with finding ones close to me that fit in with my schedule.

Which is why the Esquared app is basically a godsend for those who want to exercise without commitment.

Scroll down for your Esquared Fitness code that gets you £10 worth of free workout credit!

The concept of Esquared Fitness is pretty simple – it’s an app, available for iOS and Android, that offers no-contract fitness classes and gym floor access. The app is free to download, and you simply pay-as-you-go for each individual exercise session.

To search for a class, you can bring up a map that shows classes near your current location, or scroll around at what’s near. I find this a really helpful in a city as big as London, as you can see how close locations are to tube and train stations – so I can easily book in to a class that’s on my way home from work, for example.

The search filter options allow you to choose fitness classes by type (options include dance, martial arts and yoga), or find contract-free day passes for gym floor use. You can also sort by day of the week and time of day, which is great for fitting workout sessions around your commitments.

Select gym sessions by facilities, from the technical such as free weights and cardio machines; to personal preferences, including women only areas, parking and free wi-fi.

The price is also shown clearly on the map or list search,so you know immediately if it’s within your budget too. You can book up to 30 days in advance – for those of us who like scheduling – or for a more spontaneous workout, any time up until the start of the session.

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Once you’ve found your class or gym access, it’s time to book – and y’know what? It’s super easy. All your booking is done through the app, so there’s no awkward phoning up to book or having to go to a load of different gym sites. Payment is also processed via the app, so you don’t need to worry about showing up with cash.

Since getting the app, I’ve done some Zumba in a nightclub basement (which reminded me I have terrible rhythm – but it was loads of fun!)and got a few sessions in at some nearby gyms. The whole process is really simple, there’s a good variety of sessions on offer and I really like the app’s functionality.

Esquared Fitness Code – £10 FREE credit

If you wanna give Esquared Fitness a go without spending a penny of your own cash, you can use my promo code MYOUNGMAN24634 to get £10 FREE credit. There are loads of classes and gym floor sessions to try, some as low as £5, so you could get a workout completely free!

You can download the app for free via the
Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

(just FYI, if you do sign up via the promo code and attend a class I get £10 credit too!)