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Printing & Displaying My Travel Memories With Cheerz

Printing & Displaying My Travel Memories With Cheerz

Printed photo canvas of Budva coastline from Cheerz

As much as I love sharing photos on social media and this blog, there’s something wonderful about tangible memories. I keep a scrapbook for everywhere I’ve been; combining printed photos with things I’ve picked up along the way. Having something physical I can flip through, that I can show to others, and keep forever, gives me a lot of happiness. And actually creating the pages is something I find therapeutic and enjoyable.

I’ve been ordering my scrapbook prints from Cheerz ever since I started documenting my travels; so being able to work with a brand I genuinely use and love is an actual dream. Alongside their retro-style prints, I’ve been trying out some of their other photo products, and have had the chance to turn my travel memories into beautiful home décor pieces…

*post contains gifted products*

Canvas Prints

Printed photo canvas of Budva coastline from CheerzPrinted photo canvas of Iceland in winter from Cheerz

Brightening up a rented flat is something that really makes a difference to my day-to-day living. I may not be able to paint the walls, but filling them up with creative prints has given the place such a homely feel. Even better, with Cheerz, I’m able to adorn my walls with my own photographs, creating a piece of art that’s truly unique to me.

The Cheerz canvas prints come in five sizes: 20×20 (£17), 20×30 (£19), 30×40 (£25), 40×40 (£29) and 45×60 (£42). I’ve ordered two of the 45×60 prints so far, and I’m ridiculously impressed with the quality. The Budva picture and Iceland snap are two of my favourites I’ve ever taken, and seeing them every day reminds me of some of my most awesome travel experiences.

Framed Photos

Framed photo prints from Cheerz

When I was younger, I always used to stick photos up on my wall to remind me of good times; as I’ve got older, I still love the idea but want something a bit more ‘grown up’. Cheerz’ photo frames let you either showcase just one photo, or add multiple images in a collage format.

On a 40×40 frame (£32), I picked out nine favourite snaps from my Canada road trip, and displayed them in an Instagram-feed style with some white space around the edges.

Umbra Rose Gold Frame

Umbra frame from Cheerz with photo of couple in Rome

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Photo frames aren’t actually something I have many of, so when I do get one, I want it to be beautiful and stand out in my home. Which is definitely what the Umbra Rose Gold Frame does.

It can either stand up on a surface or be hung on a wall, showcasing a 3D effect. The rose gold colour is really pretty without being TOO feminine, and the frame is delicate-looking but still sturdy. I picked out a photo of myself and Conor at the Coliseum in Rome, to put on a side table in our living room.

It costs £21, including a photo of your choosing for the inside. The back of the photo can be personalised with a note – I simply added ‘Rome, December 2018’ on ours, aka the place and date the photo was taken.

Cheerz photo prints

Spend even less with my Cheerz discount code!

As part of my partnership with Cheerz, you can get a 20% discount on all orders of over £10. Making a big canvas print just £33.60, a 40×40 frame £25.60, or an Umbra Rose Gold frame £16.80. Just make your order, and use the voucher code MILLYXCHEERZ to get your Cheerz discount – valid until 31 October 2018.