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Best London Bites: September 2018

Best London Bites: September 2018

Mother Clucker chicken and cajun fries street food in Shoreditch, London

It probably comes as no surprise that I eat out a fair bit. The thing is though, it’s HARD to write more than a couple of hundred words (if that) on one street food dish or one-course meal. And most of the time, I’m eating out in London on a budget. Which means one dish is all I’m getting. But some of it’s really bloody good, and I want to share it in a more permanent place than Instagram.

The solution? A foodie round-up, duh. Here’s where I’ve been eating in September…

Mother Clucker, Shoreditch

Mother Clucker chicken and cajun fries street food in Shoreditch, London

Mother Clucker was a complete whim as I was walking past their food truck in Shoreditch with a rumbling stomach.

Superbly tender chicken with a good level of crunch to the coating, and the cajun trips were a slightly-spicy dream. I went for a ‘mini meal’ which involved 2 sizeable chicken strips and a half portion of fries, priced at £6 with a drink included. It’s definitely still a generous portion and more than enough for an average human as a meal.

The sweet-spicy sauce was wonderful, and left the kinda tingling on my lips that us 90s girls would have killed for with our Lipcote (and this tingle tasted a HELL of a lot better).

Mama’s Jerk, Pop Brixton

Mama's Jerk chicken street food at Pop Brixton, London

More chicken, cause that’s the kinda girl I am. I really wanted to go to Mama’s Jerk last time I was in Brixton, but timing issues saw me end up with a McDonalds wrap instead. Side note: McDonalds in Brixton is a super stressy experience. This time around, I managed to actually get to Pop Brixton and tuck in, and it was worth it. The Biriyadi included a decent amount of chicken, rice and sweetcorn-heavy salad, for £8. Well-seasoned chicken, with an AMAZING mango mayonnaise and almost more rice than I could eat. Almost.

28 Steak and Chips, Pop Brixton

28 Steak and Chips street food at Pop Brixton, London

I also got to have a bite of some 28 Steak and Chips (£12), and I’m not lying when I say it’s some of the best affordable steak I’ve had in the city. The meat was tender and juicy, and dribbled all over the chips so they were soaked in delicious meatiness – yet still managing to retain some crispness. The chimichurri sauce was a gorgeous addition too. Obvs, we slathered it in garlic mayo.

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Joe’s Kitchen, Ludgate Hill (St. Paul’s)

Pulled pork sandwich at Joe's Kitchen, London

My wonderful mum came down for a day out this month, and after a fair bit of deliberating, we were drawn in by Joe’s Kitchen’s promise of feel good food.

The avocado and tomato on toast I had was pretty decent, but the pulled pork sandwich my mum went for completely overshadowed it. Juicy, saucy pulled pork between two SLABS of sourdough. To say I had food envy is an understatement (luckily, my mum likes to share…)

What have you been eating this month that’s awesome? Let me know in the comments!