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Making Early Morning Flights Easier: YotelAIR Gatwick Airport

Making Early Morning Flights Easier: YotelAIR Gatwick Airport

If you’re looking for affordable Gatwick airport hotels, YotelAIR is great for making an early morning flight easier to deal with.

One of the downsides of being a budget traveller? Hello, cheap early morning flights. Especially when you live in East London and your flight takes off at 6am from Gatwick. Unless you fancy trekking across London via night tube (or worse, the bus) in the early hours to get a train, a stay in one of Gatwick’s airport hotels is probably your best option. 

Last time we flew from Gatwick Airport for a long weekend in Rome, we stayed at a budget hotel that was actually slightly off-site, and had to get a bus into the airport. Which was a bit of a ballache. So for our recent Montenegro holiday, staying right in the airport itself was the perfect way to maximise that snoozetime.

YotelAIR Gatwick Airport ReviewYotelAIR Gatwick Airport Review

YotelAIR Gatwick is super easy to find. Hopping off the Gatwick Express (or, if you’re cheap like us, the Thameslink), it’s a minute’s stroll through the South Terminal and down a floor in the lifts, and you’ve arrived. It’s also conveniently located next to Wetherspoons, Boots and Marks & Spencer – perfect if you get a lil’ late night Percy Pigs craving. 

When we booked, there wasn’t actually a double room available, so we booked a Premium Twin cabin. Which was totally fine, as y’know, we share a bed every day anyway.

I’m not gonna lie, the YotelAIR cabins are pretty cosy. By this, I mean they’re small. But if all you need’s a sleep and shower, you don’t need all that much space. In our room, we had a bunk bed setup – I took the top one, like an excitable child. The beds were definitely comfier than I expected too!

YotelAIR Gatwick Airport ReviewYotelAIR Gatwick Airport Review

The bathroom was almost as big as the sleeping area itself, with a powerful shower that woke me up nicely after a short sleep. If you’ve forgotten any toiletries, the friendly reception staff have supplies on hand – as well as some snazzy branded products if you want a souvenir of your YotelAIR experience.

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If you like to have a bit of pre-bed entertainment, the rooms all have a TV in them – we ended up watching First Dates until around 1am, which defeated the objective of getting an early night. Whoops. There are also plenty of charging points for your devices, and a room service food and drink menu in case you get peckish.

YotelAIR Gatwick Airport Review

Staying at the airport definitely made a huge difference to how I felt on my first day of travel; and being so close to departures really made it easy to just get up and fly. Yotel Gatwick Airport is also a great shout if you’re fancying a quick nap and some freshen up time between flights, or before heading off to somewhere else. Unlike most hotels, you can book a 4 hour slot rather paying for the whole night. Which is definitely handy for a few hours rest (and charging all your devices, obviously).

YotelAIR Gatwick
South Terminal Gatwick Airport, Arrivals Concourse, RH6 0NN