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Star of Bethnal Green: A ‘Stellar’ East London Sunday Lunch

Star of Bethnal Green: A ‘Stellar’ East London Sunday Lunch

Sunday Roast Lunch at Star of Bethnal Green

Looking for a Sunday roast in East London? Check out The Star of Bethnal Green’s Smokey Tails Sunday Lunch…

The first thing that struck me walking through the doors of The Star of Bethnal Green pub was the décor. And precisely how much I want my home to look like the interior of this lovely little establishment.

‘The Star’ doesn’t stop it’s cosmic pull at the name either – constellations cover the papered walls, with floral touches that add a touch of luxe. Think of the coolest wrapping paper you’d ever find at Paperchase, and you’re kinda there. And it’s not surprising it looks good, with a recent refurbishment having taken place.

Star of Bethnal Green

Of course, I didn’t go all the way (aka not far at all) to Bethnal Green just to check out some wallpaper. The purpose of the visit was to basically stuff my face with a big ol’ roast lunch – a mission I’m more than happy to accept on any given Sunday.

Smokey Tails is a cult ‘beats and eats’ pop-up that normally serves homestyle BBQ – but at their Star of Bethnal Green residency, their East London Sunday roast lends itself a little more towards the classic. However, there are certainly a few subtle inventive twists that make things a bit more interesting…

0,lm./ The food of Smoky Tails is the brainchild of Seth Troxler, who’s just as comfortable in the kitchen as he is behind some DJ decks. Supported by excellent chef and ‘professional party animal’ Jona Ahearne and creative director Jo Vidler, the trio have been making an event of food across the London eating and partying scenes.90-

Sunday Roast Lunch at Star of Bethnal GreenSunday Roast Lunch at Star of Bethnal GreenSunday Lunch at Star of Bethnal Green

Without further faffing, let’s get down to Sunday business. We didn’t order any starters, so this one’s all about that roast.

I chose the lamb roast, and the meat gets a definite thumbs up in terms of taste, texture and a generous serving size. The pea and mint puree that accompanied it was a highlight of its own; a fresh and modern take on the usual mint sauce that’s served with your lamb roast. The perfect combination of the two flavours, equally delicious eaten on its own or with the lamb.

Like any truly good roast dinner, the plate was home to not just one, but two potato styles – roast and mash. The roast potatoes weren’t exactly ground breaking or the best I’ve had by far, but they were hearty and enjoyable. The vegetables (green beans, parsnip, carrot) were all well cooked and neither too soft or too crunchy; although if I’m being picky, my personal taste would have liked a touch more gravy.

Another highlight? LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THOSE YORKSHIRES. And they were good’uns too – soft at the bottom with a just-right crisped rim, still easy to tear apart and mop up the gravy with. 

Sunday Roast Lunch at Star of Bethnal GreenStar of Bethnal GreenConstellation lager at Star of Bethnal GreenSunday Roast Lunch at Star of Bethnal Green

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To go with my roast dinner, I also got to sample some ‘Constellation’ IPA – made exclusively by Camden Town Brewery in collaboration with The Star of Bethnal Green. It’s a really good brew – enjoyably hoppy without being overly heavy.

At around £15 per roast, and served from 1pm-late, it’s definitely a ‘star’ choice (haa) for an affordable Sunday roast in East London. And if you’re not feeling quite up to a big Sunday lunch, they’re also doing a selection of buns, including BBQ pulled pork, fried chicken, halloumi and jackfruit. 

For anyone looking for a laid-back Sunday afternoon of eating and drinking, I’d definitely recommend hitting up The Star of Bethnal Green if you’re in the East London area. The team behind Smokey Tails have delivered a great classic roast lunch with a modern feel – and they’ve found the ideal spot to serve it in too.

The Star of Bethnal Green
359 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 6LG

*We were invited for a complimentary meal – all opinions honest.

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