Pop-Up Pinsa: Respect The Dough, Camden

Hoi Sin Duck and Peri Peri Romana Pinsa Pizza: Respect The Dough Pizza Pop up in Camden, London

Friday night, Camden, rain. We’d just rolled out of Camden Town tube station and had some time to kill before a gig at the Underworld, so obviously food was on the agenda.

Taking a walk down Camden High Street, towards Mornington Crescent, we had a few ideas in mind, but in the end found ourselves drawn to a pop up pizza spot, between a pub and a hairdressers. No logo on the door, just words in the windows. One of those words was…pizza.

Inside this pop-up pizza spot, the retro décor is your ultimate low-key Instagram background, with some 70s-esque tiling and touches of neon – I’m pretty sure these were leftovers from the previous occupants, Chilango. With pizzas coming in at a decent £7.50 each, we decided to sit down, order up and stay a while.

What’s even better? Respect The Dough is BYOB – so I sent Conor across to Waitrose (because, rain) to grab some cans of Punk IPA to enjoy with our dinner.

Hoi Sin Duck and Peri Peri Romana Pinsa Pizza: Respect The Dough Pizza Pop up in Camden, London

So. These pizzas, they aren’t quite your standard pizzas. At Respect The Dough, you’ll be enjoying a ‘pinsa’ – aka a Puninsa Romana, a traditional recipe for a base made from rice, soy and wheat. It’s a lot lighter than its doughy counterpart, with a thin centre and crisp edges. Forget sourdough – I’m pretty sure the pinsa is my new favourite kinda base.

There are three sections on the pinsa menu: ‘Veggie’, which are the Margherita, Green Machine (with aubergine and courgette) and the Wild Mushroom Trinity (featuring three types of mushroom); ‘Meat’, which consists of a Spicy Salami Diavola and a Meat Feast; and ‘Mind Blowing’. Usually we’d go for the meaty options, but the premise of the mind-blowing pizzas was just too much to ignore.

The Peri-Peri Chicken Pinsa was impressively spicy – although the chicken is only accompanied by medium Peri-Peri sauce, the addition of fresh chillies gives the whole thing an extra kick. With roasted mix peppers, fresh coriander, red onions and Neapolitan tomato sauce, my slight complaint about this pizza was that it was a bit over-filled and as a result, a bit too wet to work well with the crisp base. I can’t fault the flavours, though!

Crispy Duck Pinsa pizza at Respect The Dough in Camden

Hoi Sin Duck Romana Pinsa Pizza: Respect The Dough Pizza Pop up in Camden, LondonCrispy Duck Pinsa pizza at Respect The Dough in Camden

The Crispy Duck Pinsa, however, was something a bit wonderful. If you love pizza but want to try something a bit different, you HAVE to give this a go. Pulled duck, hoisin sauce, grilled zucchini, sun dried tomatoes, fresh coriander, smoked cheese, pecarino cheese, spring onions and grated cucumber all feature on what’s basically duck pancake pizza. And, surprisingly, it REALLY bloody works.

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After having half of each pinsa, I was too stuffed to have dessert – but the ‘Bananatella Versace’ sounded pretty fun – a dessert pinsa with banana, Nutella, peanut butter, mascarpone and fresh chilli.

I’m super in love with the pinsa bases here, and Respect the Dough’s Chef Enzo is friendy and welcoming. The toppings are fresh, delicious and inventive…and basically, just come and try the duck.

Respect the Dough is open until June on Thursdays (6-10pm), Fridays (12-10pm), Saturdays (12-10pm) and Sundays (12-8pm). A great option for pizza in Camden, and if you’re not too far away, they’re also on Deliveroo!

Respect The Dough
102 Camden High St, NW1 0LU