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5 Things in Brighton That Will Make You Happier

5 Things in Brighton That Will Make You Happier

Brighton street art | A weekend in Brighton | Mini Adventures

Struggling to shake off those winter blues? Yeah, me too. The first month of the year seemed never-ending, filled with grey weather and fearful looks at my bank account. So when the chance for a visit to the ‘happiest city in the UK’ came up, I couldn’t say no.

I’ve already been to Brighton quite a few times, and always leave feeling way happier than when I arrived. If you need a bit of cheering up this winter, here are a couple of reasons why a visit might just put a smile on your face…

The colourful street art

Brighton street art | A weekend in Brighton | Mini Adventures

Walking around the streets of Brighton, one of the things you’ll instantly notice is how colourful it is. From the bright houses along the side streets, to the vibrant street art adorning the walls, the ‘bright’ in Brighton is loud and clear.

A laughter yoga ‘workout’

Laughter Yoga workshop at Purple Turtle Wellbeing, Brighton

It’s pretty obvious that a good ol’ belly chuckle is a great way to up your happiness levels – but sometimes, even the funniest stand up doesn’t even do it. Which is where laughter yoga comes in.

The whole idea is that actually, you don’t need a genuine laugh to begin with – so you fake it til you make it, and it’s proven that just putting your body through the motions of laughing can have the same effect. And with a laughter yoga session at Purple Turtle Wellbeing, you’re definitely going to end up with the real deal at the end.

Okay, it’s kind of an awkward situation to begin with – ‘ha ha ha’ and ‘ho ho ho’-ing your way round the room with people you might have just met, but the silliness is definitely infectious.

A great night out

Cabaret Performance at Proud, Brighton

There’s no denying it – Brighton has some of the best nightlife I’ve experienced in the UK. And it’s not all about clubbing either, which is great, as raving til 4am isn’t really my scene. At all.

If it’s not yours either, a cabaret show’s the ideal situation, and Proud Brighton is THE spot to catch some awesome acts in. We had the full VIP experience, including a three course meal – although honestly I’d probably advise skipping the food and grab a standard ticket to enjoy some top notch cabaret and drinks instead.

A really good night’s sleep (and a tasty buffet breakfast)

Ibis City Centre Hotel | A weekend in Brighton | Mini Adventures

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The past two times I’ve been to Brighton, I’ve been based in the ibis Brighton City Centre hotel. Not only is it centrally located, but their ibis Sweetbeds are some of the comfiest hotel beds I’ve stayed in. Clean, simple and comfortable, I’ve always woken up feeling fresh and ready to explore (apart from the time I had a hangover FROM HELL, at least).

The buffet breakfast is one of the best affordable hotel ones I’ve experienced – loads of choice, including juicy sausages and bacon as well as plenty of tasty cold selections too. 

A stroll along the seafront

Shops by the seaside | A weekend in Brighton | Mini Adventures

The seaside makes me happy. And when it comes to seaside, Brighton has it in spades. Strolling along the promenade with a cone of chips in hand, poking around in the little shops and huts makes for a dreamy Sunday morning. The perfect activity before heading home, all that fresh sea air will leave you clear-headed and ready to go kick life’s butt with a smile on your face.

*We were guests of ibis, and were provided with a complimentary stay, Proud Brighton tickets and the laughter workshop. All opinions and belly laughs my own…