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Finding An Oasis in Downtown Cancun

Finding An Oasis in Downtown Cancun

Beside the pool at Oasis Smart Downtown Cancun hotel

I don’t tend to post a whole heap of hotel reviews on here. Because usually, hotels to me are simply a place to lay my head between getting out there and exploring. As much as I love getting my grubby mitts on some fancy af complimentary toiletries and having an epic view, my usual choice is to go pretty cheap and cheerful. That way, I have more money to spend on…well…eating stuff, I suppose.

Occasionally, I do stay in a hotel that’s worth talking about. My trip to Berlin saw me monkeying around in the 24Hours Hotel there; and I’ve been lucky enough to staycation in London’s Grosvenor Hotel with THE BATH OF MY DREAMS.

And after my recent tour of the Yucatan Peninsula, I’d booked a couple of extra nights in Cancun to recharge a little before my flight. Cancun itself didn’t impress me much, to be honest – but the hotel I stayed in did.

Finding a Hotel in Downtown Cancun

Beside the pool at Oasis Smart Hotel in Downtown Cancun

I wanted to find a hotel in downtown Cancun that wasn’t the hotel zone, because a) it was closer to the airport and b) the effort of dealing with families and partygoers felt way too much…effort. I chose the Oasis Smart Cancun Hotel, because it was pretty cheap (about £45 per night), and looked nice on the internet, basically.

The Oasis Smart Cancun Hotel is actually joined with the Oh! Cancun Hotel, both owned by Oasis but with rooms sold separately. If you’re thinking of booking the Oh! Cancun, it’s worth checking out the Oasis Smart instead. The rooms are of the same standard, the facilities all shared and rooms at the latter are often a bit cheaper.

The Rooms

Standard room at Oasis Smart Hotel in downtown Cancun

The rooms at the Oasis Smart Cancun aren’t anything mega fancy – but at the price, you wouldn’t expect them to be. But for how much I paid, it was certainly a very decent room. The HUGE bed was really comfy, and I spent both mornings there having a good ol’ lie in. Starfish city, pretty much.

The all-important bathroom toiletries situation impressed me too.  Toothbrush and toothpaste were welcomed, and the sewing kit came in super handy when I managed to rip one of my favourite playsuits.

Also, there was a balcony. I barely used it other than for drying clothes, but it’s always good to have. My only gripe? The air con in the room was SUPER NOISY, and I couldn’t sleep with it on, which resulted in some slightly uncomfortable nights.

The Pool

Beside the pool at Oasis Smart Hotel in Downtown CancunBeside the pool at Oasis Smart Hotel in Downtown CancunBeside the pool at Oasis Smart Hotel in Downtown Cancun

Ooh. Hello. I have to say, it was the shots of the pool online that swayed me towards booking. Palm trees, check. Sparkling blue water, check. Four poster poolside beds, check.

Thankfully, the online pictures weren’t much different to how the pool area actually looked, which was a pleasant discovery. I arrived at around 4.30pm, and as soon as I’d checked in, it was straight down to the sunbeds with a book to make the most of the lovely weather before meeting friends for dinner.

I spent the following two days basically not leaving the hotel, aside from a wander to a local market. I’m not usually the kinda gal who can sit in the sun doing nothing – but with a couple of charity shop reads, plentiful Pina Coladas and some good old factor 50, I was pretty much set.

Dining and Drinking

Kin-Ha Wellness Spa at Oasis Smart Downtown Cancun Hotel

My booking included a breakfast buffet – but this wasn’t your standard, English sausage-and-eggs affair. There WERE scrambled eggs, but they featured chunks of chorizo and spring onions. Refried beans were a surprisingly very good addition to breakfast dishes, and for the more traditional, cold meats, cheeses, fruit and pastries were on offer too.

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Oh, and I drank A LOT of chocolate milk. 

On my second night at the hotel, I decided to be super lazy and order room service. Here’s a fact – I’d never actually ordered room service until this trip. I KNOW. I ordered a tasty and generously sized dish of chicken fajitas, and a trio of gorgeous chocolate cakes. I ate it all in bed while watching Jack Whitehall’s stand up, drinking fizzy apple juice and feeling guilty when I spilt some hot sauce on my newly-changed crisp white sheets…

Fancy a drink? The poolside White Terrace Bar is pretty well priced, and has a decent selection. There’s also the Red Hot Coyote Club if you fancy some evening entertainment – I didn’t actually go though (I prefer to spend my evenings in bed with Mr. Whitehall), so can’t comment on that one!

Kin-Ha Wellness Spa

Kin-Ha Wellness Spa at Oasis Smart Downtown Cancun HotelBeside the pool at Oasis Smart Downtown Cancun hotel

On my last afternoon, I decided to treat myself to a ‘Moonlight’ massage, beside the pool. It was definitely worth spending on – I felt like a total queen afterwards, as I sipped on my included glass of fizz.

Worth a stay?

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced hotel in downtown Cancun (I paid £140 for three nights, via, the Oasis Smart is definitely worth considering. You’ll find a decent pool area, comfortable rooms and a location that’s well situated for both local exploration and getting to the beach. Friendly staff and a colourful lobby create a welcoming atmosphere, and the included buffet breakfast is a definite plus point.

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