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Brightening Up A Rented Flat with a Flower Subscription Box

Brightening Up A Rented Flat with a Flower Subscription Box

Freddie's Flowers flower subscription box

Lately, it feels like so many of my friends are making the ultimate in grown-up purchases – a new home. I’m so happy for them – but sadly, we’re not quite at that point yet where we can truly make a home our own.

So instead, I’m really focused on making our rented flat feel as homely as possible. We’re very lucky that we do have a spacious, cosy flat. But in terms of décor, there’s little we can do to put our own stamp on it. Instead, we’ve focused on small touches, from throws and rugs to pictures on the wall.

A simple way to brighten up a room is with beautiful, fresh flowers – but when you’re living a busy life, sometimes picking up a bunch on the way home slips your mind. Which is where a flower subscription box comes in pretty darn handy.

Freddie's Flowers flower subscription boxFreddie's Flowers flower subscription box

Last week, I tried out Freddie’s Flowers, a flower subscription box service that delivers fresh blooms to your door on a weekly basis. Founder Freddie Garland (actual real surname) picks out a selection of fresh flowers that will look amazing together, and they’re delivered to your door. You don’t even have to be in to collect them, which is great if you’re working during the day.

One thing I really like about Freddie’s Flowers is that it’s not just a bunch of flowers turning up in your door to be whacked in a vase and that’s it. The flowers all arrive in the box, and, with instructions, you actually arrange them yourself. It adds a fun, interactive element to the flower delivery, and I found arranging them really relaxing and therapeutic.

Freddie's Flowers flower subscription boxFreddie's Flowers flower subscription boxFreddie's Flowers flower subscription box

When I opened my box, I did a little squeal of excitement at how FESTIVE my flowers were. The white Avalanche Roses are perfectly made for perching on a windowsill with a snowy, Christmas-card view outside. The silver sprayed Parvifolia are a lovely addition, brightening up your usual bouquet no end. And lots of greenery in the form of the Eucalyptus Cinerea makes sure your vase is comfortably full and eye-catching.

Inside the box, you also get a little booklet with information and instructions on ways to arrange flowers. Again, this adds to the feeling of the flower subscription box being an activity, rather simply just a flower delivery service. Little tips and anecdotes from Freddie give a personal and warm touch to the delivery.

The flowers were pretty easy to arrange, although I probably didn’t have the best vase for them. On their website, Freddie’s recommends the best vases for their flowers, and you can easily pick up an affordable one at the likes of Wilko or Matalan.

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Freddie's Flowers flower subscription box Freddie's Flowers flower subscription box

The boxes are £22 each, and while that’s a decent price for a bunch of lovely flowers and the activity of arranging that comes with it, it’s not something I could personally afford to have every week. Luckily, Freddie’s Flowers are flexible, and you’re able to set holidays and breaks in your delivery schedule.

Compared to other flowers I’ve had, I was also pretty impressed with the lasting power of my Freddie’s Flowers bunch. I followed the included instructions on how to cut and feed them for a longer life, and it definitely worked. Currently, they’re still going strong five days in.

If you want to give Freddie’s Flowers flower subscription box a try, click through to this link and we’ll both get a free box. Which is pretty awesome, right?

*I was sent a complimentary flower subscription box to talk about here – thoughts, as always, all my own.