Review | Byron’s Fromagemas Burger: A Festive Cheese Feast

For me, cheese and Christmas go together perfectly. The festive season is basically an excuse for me to stuff as much cheese into my face as humanly possible…as if I don’t do that all year round anyway, mind you..

Growing up spending Christmas in my childhood home, Christmas Day dinnertime would mean a smorgasboard of cheese, crackers, pate and the odd grape making their way onto the table. We’d dig in with our plates, then return to the living room for Christmas telly and Advocaat.

Byron Fromagemas Christmas cheeseburger

Which is why discovering Byron’s festive menu via Bookatable’s Christmas deals got me all excited. For £17.50, you can get your hands on their Christmas menu, which includes a Fromagemas burger, a side and drink. And with a burger called The Fromagemas, you can pretty much guess what you can expect. A LOT OF CHEESE.

Byron’s chicken wings are a fave of mine, so as an extra on top of our cheesefest, we ordered up a plate of 12 between us to start with. I adore their lip-tingling buffalo glaze, and of course, slathering them in blue cheese sauce. See, even the starter got us all cheesy.

Byron Fromagemas Christmas cheeseburger

Time for the MAIN EVENT. Hello, Fromagemas, in all your cheesy glory. What even IS a Fromagemas anyway? Of course, there’s the 6oz signature Byron patty, squidged in the middle of a toasted bun. Sourced from British beef, the meat itself was enjoyably juicy.

And as the name obviously shows, there’s PLENTY of cheese going on in this badboy. Namely… Barber’s Cheddar, Barber’s Red Leicester, Byron cheese, and crispy Grana Padano. And a jug of Byron cheese sauce for good measure.

Everything came together in one big squishy mess inside the bun – although, surprisingly, it wasn’t AS messy as I’d expected. You don’t need to pull out the cutlery on this one, as long as you’ve got a couple of napkins on hand. The Grana Padano was a great touch, adding a whole extra dimension of crunch to the burger.


One of the special Christmas side dishes is the Holy Macaroni, a mac and cheese dish featuring green peppers and chilli. It wasn’t quite to my personal tastes and could have been creamier, but I did enjoy the kick of spice the chillis gave it. (Speaking of spice, Byron’s hot sauce is GREAT, by the way).

Byron Fromagemas Christmas cheeseburger
Byron Fromagemas Christmas cheeseburger

One side that I REALLY liked was the cheese and bacon fries, which were crispy, hot and delicious. We dipped them in the jug of melted cheese that came with the burger for maximum cheesiness. My only regret was not ordering a second portion, because these are too good to share…

Byron Fromagemas Christmas cheeseburger

If that isn’t enough cheese for you, you can even top it off with an Oreo Cheesecake Milkshake, or a cheesecake dessert. After our starters and mains, we didn’t have a spot of spare space in our bellies, but we did spend a while debating, as they both looked super delicious.

For £17.50 for the burger, side and a drink, it’s pretty decent value – even with the extra starter, our total bill came to £43 for the two of us. The Byron Fromagemas is definitely a fun alternative to your typical restaurant Christmas menu. For cheese-lovers, it’s a delight,

*This post is sponsored by Bookatable – all opinions and extreme cheese love my own.

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