The People’s Revolt

As the rain fell, we ran along the walls of the Tower of London as if our lives depended on it. Praying our comrades would distract the Enforcers for long enough, breaths held and hearts beating fast. Tonight, we would break into the Tower of London. A violent uprising over taxes, austerity and unstable leadership…

This is the People’s Revolt.

Of course, we weren’t ACTUALLY breaking into the Tower of London for realsies. Although at points, I definitely felt like we were. The People’s Revolt is an immersive, interactive experience from the Historic Royal Palaces team and theatre company differencEngine, reimagining the events of the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381. But with iPads, ‘live’ radio broadcasts and secret code names…

We headed down last week for a lil sneak peek before it all officially kicks off TODAY. And believe me, it’s all kinds of fun.

The People's Revolt immersive Tower of London experience

The whole experience begins before you even reach the shores of the Thames, with an email giving directions to your top secret meeting place. We arrived just as dusk fell over the city, and met our co-conspirators. And then we were thrown into a truly immersive experience unlike anything you’d find on your standard historical tour…

I’ve waxed lyrical about my love for immersive type theatre, and The People’s Revolt takes it to a whole new level. You aren’t just watching the action unfold around you – you’re leading it. Everyone has a role to play, and depending on your role, you’ll have a different experience to others in the group. You’ll question who you trust, what your next move is, and what your motives are.

The People's Revolt immersive Tower of London experience

Having loved exploring Whitehall’s ‘Lost Palace’, I’m so impressed with what the Historic Royal Palaces team are doing. These aren’t your standard, dry, history events. The use of tech, actors and audience participation makes The People’s Revolt unlike anything I’ve ever taken part in before. Even though it rained the whole time and we didn’t have rain jackets, the weather actually added to the tension and atmosphere.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to join the revolution, tickets are available here, priced at £25.50 (£23 concessions). 

Watch for the signal. The People’s Revolt is coming.

Photography: Kit Oats (Historic Royal Palaces)

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