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‘Just Go’: Bangarang x Zeal & Heart

‘Just Go’: Bangarang x Zeal & Heart

Oh, hey there. This is a bit of something you might not expect on this blog, as I rarely post about jewellery. Mainly because I rarely ever wear any, apart from the odd chunky necklace or skull ring that’d cause a bruise if I needed to punch you in the face.

But there’s something kinda special about this necklace – and that’s why I’m sharing it today. In case you don’t know, I’m part of a group of some of the most incredible women I know. Say hello to the Bangarang ladies. AJ, Charlie, Charley, Claire, Emma, Erica, Katie, Katy, Jasmin and Leanne. And me, but you kinda knew me already, I suppose.

Together, we travel the world, bring each other up, make each other laugh until we drop our phones and crack the screens, because I’m an idiot who never gets round to buying a case. And what better way to commemorate our friendship than creating a necklace together? 

The awesome Rebecca, of Runaway Kiwi fame, runs a wonderful Etsy shop selling handmade, delicate silver pendants with inspiring, kick-ass messages on them. She’s already collaborated with the super awesome Laura Jane Williams, so choosing us as her next team-up was pretty awesome indeed.

What about the necklace itself? It’s a small, silver pendant, with the words ‘Just Go’ engraved onto it. Why ‘Just Go?’. Well. We had a rather lengthy Whatsapp conversation or three (thousand?) deciding on what we wanted to put on our pendant. In the end, ‘Just Go’ won because it’s something that sums up our attitudes to travel.

We’ll book spontaneous adventures when we spot a cheap flight, thinking of the ins and outs later. We’ll head off on trips of a lifetime, making memories (and super dreamy group Instagram feeds). It’s about living life to the fullest; getting out there and experiencing the world and everything cool and inspiring it has to offer. 

All proceeds from the necklaces go to Headway, a brain injury charity that’s close to all of our hearts, and in memory of Amy, a close friend of Charley’s, who embodied the ‘just go’ mentality. From Charley’s stories, she was a Bangarang kinda girl through and through. 

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It’s £25 for the pendant, or £35 with an 18 inch chain. There are only 100 of them available (actually, make that 89, because we all have one each) then they’re GONE FOREVER.

So whether you need inspiration to get out there and do that trip, book that flight or quit your job and explore the world; this is the perfect necklace for all you travel girls out there. And it also kiiiinda makes you an honorary member of Bangarang which is totally the coolest thing ever, obv.

So what are you waiting for? Just go…and get your very own necklace here!