The Haché Limited Edition Mamushka Burger

Every day on the escalators at the tube station I head to for work, I spot adverts for Haché. Every time I see them, I think to myself that I really should get along to try it out – I’m slowly making my way around some of London’s best burger spots, and from what I’ve heard, Haché is definitely one to remember.

Their newest burger offering, the ‘Mamushka’, has been created by Ukranian chef and food stylist Olia Hercules. It’s a Haché limited edition, with £1 from every sale going to Action Against Hunger (who I’ve talked about previously). The name comes from Olia’s best-selling cookbook, by the way. It’s their second collaboration celebrating female chefs, and we headed down to Haché in Holborn to be some of the first to give it a try!

Interior at Hache Burgers, LondonCrispy salt and pepper squid starter at Hache Burgers, LondonBuffalo chicken wing starter at Hache Burgers, LondonBlack Olive Hummus starter at Hache Burgers, London

Before the burger, we got our hands on some of the Haché starters. Most impressive for me was definitely the Chicken Wings, which were served in a spicy Cayenne sauce, buffalo-style. In the perfect sweet spot for where I like my heat levels, the chicken was also really tender, falling off the bone easily and getting sticky sauce everywhere. The ultimate wing experience.

I also really liked the Salt and Pepper Crispy Squid – excellently cooked calamari with an aioli dip on the side, of course. The nachos weren’t my favourite though, so I’d recommend ordering something else instead. Something such as the Black Olive Hummus, which was a tasty veggie-friendly option especially with a touch of caramelised onion chutney on soft, filling ciabatta bread.

Limited edition Mamushka burger by Olia Hercules at Hache Burgers, LondonLimited edition Mamushka burger by Olia Hercules at Hache Burgers, London

The main event of the evening though, was the burger. And what a main event it was. Sandwiched between the fresh brioche bun was a 6oz patty of high quality steak meat. The crispy bacon added just the right amount of crunch, and the dill mayo and ginger and turmeric-infused beet kraut gave the burger a luxe, tangy edge – soaking into the bun just enough to infuse it with juices.

Speaking of the kraut slaw…one thing I failed to notice on the menu to begin with, was the slaw on this burger. It contains beetroot. If you know me, you might just know beetroot freaks me out a fair bit. But I swallowed my nerves about eating it, and discovered that the slaw was DELICIOUS. You might not catch me eating beetroot chunks from a jar any time soon, but I discovered that, mixed in with something else, it’s not quite as terrifying as I’d thought…

 (Yep, you can all laugh at me for finding beetroot terrifying now.)

Kale and Avocado Salad at Hache Burgers, LondonInterior at Hache Burgers, LondonSweet potato fries at Hache Burgers, London

On the side, I had some Truffle Fondue Fries – which are now tied with Honest Burger for my ultimate burger restaurant fry faves, which kinda says everything. Seriously good stuff – cheesy and salty and just the right consistency. The Kale and Avocado Salad was also the ultimate millennial highlight, so full of flavour you could basically taste the goodness pumping round your body.

Hache definitely met the high expectations I had – offering a more ‘gourmet’ burger experience than some of the city’s other burger joints. There are six of ‘em across the city, so more than enough spots to find one near you – yet not so many it feels like a big chain. The Mamushka burger is available now, and if you head to Haché sometime soon, make sure you give it a try!

Haché Holborn
95-97 High Holborn, WC1V 6LF

*Our meal was complimentary – all opinions honest, as always

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