Review | Pizza By The Metre: Firezza, Soho

Firezza’s been a popular pizza takeaway chain in London and beyond for a while now, with over 20 delivery stores across the city and even as far out as Staines and Reading. What’s new though, is their Dean Street restaurant – Firezza’s first sit down spot for their pay-by-the-metre-pizza. Yep. You heard that right. Pizza by the metre.

The Dean Street restaurant is a welcoming, airy space with plenty of long tables, perfect for groups. Lucky us, we got to head down a couple of weekends ago for an event with well-known Italian chef Aldo Zilli, responsible for Firezza’s menu. He talked us through the way he creates his pizzas, and served us up delicious bruschetta for starters. Any friend of bruschetta is most definitely a friend of mine.

Firezza - pizza by the metre at the Dean Street restaurant, SohoFirezza - pizza by the metre at the Dean Street restaurant, Soho

Because it was an event for quite a few people, we unfortunately didn’t get a say in our individual pizzas. So I did a bit of a sadface when the roast veg pizza appeared before my eyes covered in finely chopped mushroom pieces. Mushroom be icky, sorry Firezza. I did manage to pick off the majority from a slice but it resulted in most of the rest of the toppings coming off with it, so probably not the best one to judge on.

Thankfully, something more to my taste soon arrived, in the form of a prosciutto ham and rocket pizza with tomatoes and peppers. HELLO, tasty goodness. In terms of toppings, I was impressed with the decent amount of cheese on the base – a make or break for me. And the dough was fantastic – super thin and light. For me personally, there was a bit too much crust going on – but I’m a weird non-crust-lover, and anyone who loves dipping the crust in some oil or sauce will be in their element!

A final metre of pizza arrived, and unfortunately it was another mushroom-topped one. However, I managed to salvage some of the pepperoni sprinkled on top and it was really good. Definitely ordering one of these (sans mushrooms) next time.

It’s a small thing, but we also had a plate of plum tomatoes from their antipasti selection and holy hell, WOW. I didn’t think a tomato could be so amazing. So juicy, so flavoursome and amazingly fresh. I basically ate the whole plate myself and didn’t care a bit.

Firezza - pizza by the metre at the Dean Street restaurant, SohoAldo Zilli at Firezza - pizza by the metre at the Dean Street restaurant, SohoTiramisu dessert at Firezza

Once we’d filled our faces with pizza (and impossibly good tomatoes), there was another surprise waiting in the wings. TIRAMISU, hiya. And oh boy, this was GOOD tiramisu. Savoriardi biscuit fingers softened with hard-hitting strong coffee, layered with the creamiest mascarpone and a big ol’ boozy hit. If I’m given a choice, tiramisu isn’t usually top of my list. But this one will be, for sure.

It probably hasn’t hit the heights of favourite pizzas yet, but I do definitely want to head back to Firezza of my own accord, as the prosciutto pizza was definitely promising. The base was delicious, and I love the concept of ordering pizza by the metre. I don’t think I’ve seen the last of Firezza…

22-25 Dean Street, W1D 3RY

*Our lunch was complimentary, with no obligation for coverage

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Firezza - pizza by the metre at the Dean Street restaurant, Soho

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