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Four Courses and Fizz at M Threadneedle St

Four Courses and Fizz at M Threadneedle St

M Threadneedle Street, London | Mini Adventures

Fancy eating alert! We recently paid a visit to M, on Threadneedle Street in the City. Created by the former managing director of London steak institution Gaucho, Martin Williams, the M group has restaurants in the City, Victoria and Twickenham.

Finding an offer on Bookatable for four courses and free-flowing prosecco for two, for £36.50, we made an evening reservation for a Thursday after work. Because, hello #ThirstyThursday. And what better way to spend it than with bottomless prosecco? 

The main restaurant floor of M Threadneedle Street is actually pretty large, and packed with lots of tables. If I’m honest, I’d have preferred a little more distance between ourselves and the tables either side of us. I mean, I’m pretty sure the definitely-on-a-blind-date couple to my left probably didn’t have their evening particularly enhanced by my bum waving precariously close to their food. There were tables that were more spaced out – perhaps when booking, make a note that you don’t want a table near the kitchen.

Lack of space aside though, the restaurant had a pretty relaxed atmosphere, with understated, classy decor. Lighting was low (which was a real struggle to take photos in…) to create a sense of relaxed intimacy. Definitely a good date spot if you’re wanting to impress.

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On the menu, it states that you only get up to one bottle of prosecco per person – but they didn’t seem to be counting how much we were having so we might have got through a teeeensy bit more than that. Whoops. Every time our glass even got close to empty, our server would be on hand to refill it. They didn’t have any white prosecco left, but I was more than happy with the rosé available  – and they did also offer white wine as an alternative too.

Pre-starters, we were given a little something to nibble on while sipping our first glasses of fizz. The black taramasalata was absolutely gorgeous – creamy and tangy, perfect with the super thin, crisp bread slices provided for dipping. I’d probably have liked more bread, just so I could have eaten all the taramasalata.As a starter, I chose the slow-poached salmon, which was wonderfully fresh and a brilliant texture. I also had a taste of the Buttermilk Fried Chicken, served with hot sauce and raw pickles. It had a crispy coating that had a well-seasoned flavour, and the chicken itself was tender. My only slight criticism is that I’ve had chicken that’s just as good in specialist chicken spots before, and I guess I’d expected something…more?

For the main course, we had a choice of four options, and I chose the Sea Bream dish, with pok choi, kimchi and quince. And it was a Very Good Choice. Flaky with a deep, meaty taste and texture, it went perfectly with the slightly spicy sauce served on the side. The skin was slightly crisp and the additional seasoning flavours were a perfect accompaniment.

M Threadneedle Street, London | Mini Adventures

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Dessert choices were a Dulce de Leche Flan, or a Mango Cake with yoghurt sorbet. I preferred Conor’s rich and creamy flan, and he preferred my zingy and rich Mango cake. Good job we were sharing!

The food at M Threadneedle definitely impressed – it felt like a taste of fine dining without the price tag. If you’re trying out this offer, I’d totally advise going for the more ‘adventurous’ of the menu options. While the chicken and steak dishes were still tasty enough, the experimental side of the salmon and sea bream dishes worked really well, offering a combination of tastes and fresh ingredients that made this feel like a pretty special meal. 

The Bookatable free-flowing deal is an affordable way to try out the restaurant, with a small but well-curated set menu of dishes to choose from, and of course, the constantly flowing fizz is definitely a huge plus!

*Our food was complimentary – opinions honest, as per!