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The Foo Fighters Arms

The Foo Fighters Arms

Foo Fighters Arms pop up pub | Mini Adventures

Okay, remember yesterday when I said we didn’t get to the Foo Fighters Arms pub because of queues and rain? Well, guess what – we got there in the end! Heading back over yesterday morning, within five minutes of 12 noon striking, we found ourselves sipping on some Foo Fighters Beer in the band’s pop up bar. HOORAY.

The bar’s purpose is to promote the band’s new album, Concrete and Gold, and after opening on Friday, fans have made their way from all over the country to a) drink a pint or two, and b) queue up for some super exclusive merch. Including a tea set with ye-olde style pictures of the band on china. There are only a super limited amount available, and at £250 a pop, my funds (and sense of…well, sense) didn’t quite stretch to buying a set.

Foo Fighters Arms pop up pub | Mini AdventuresFoo Fighters Arms pop up pub | Mini AdventuresFoo Fighters Arms pop up pub | Mini AdventuresFoo Fighters Arms pop up pub | Mini Adventures

The Foo Fighters Arms itself is definitely worth a look in though if you’re a fan – neoclassical portraits of the band hang from the walls, as well as memorabilia from their career. A big neon sign bearing the band’s name is THE Instagram shot, and you could also work a selfie with some of the individual band shots around the room.

Honestly? The beer wasn’t that great, but that’s not why people are visiting. For Foo Fighters fans, it’s a bit of a novelty fun place to while away the hours. Apparently there’s a pub quiz tonight too – although I imagine you’d need to get there pretty early on to get into that one. And there was also talk that the band themselves might make an appearance at some point, considering they have a show at the O2 tomorrow…

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The Foo Fighters Arms, at 339 Cambridge Heath Road (near Bethnal Green station) is open a couple more days this week, with the closing party on Wednesday. Check out the website for opening times and such. Unless you rock up a bit before opening time like we did, be prepared to queue (although we did hear on the grapevine the pub were handing out free tinnies to queueing fans on Saturday).

If you’re a fan, and want to experience something a bit cool and an interesting bit of music promo fun, it’s worth popping into!