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Four places for four meals in New Orleans

Four places for four meals in New Orleans

Tacos in New Orleans

New Orleans is, by far, one of my favourite cities to eat in. In America’s Deep South, they take their food very seriously, with a melting pot of influences creating their signature dishes.

Creole and Cajun, jambalaya and gumbo, lots of seafood and the classic po-boy can all be found in abundance in NOLA’s many, many restaurants and cafes. And I’m totally happy to help eat it all, of course.

If you’re feeling spoilt for choice for places to eat in New Orleans, I’ve put together four of my favourite spots to enjoy every meal of the day in…

Breakfast at Cafe Du Monde

French beignets in New Orleans

Cafe Du Monde is THE place everyone tells you to go in New Orleans. Because beignets, their specialty, is THE thing you have to try there. 

Whether it’s for breakfast, brunch, an afternoon snack or when you fall out of a Bourbon Street club at 4am (yep, it’s open 24/7…), these French doughnuts dusted in powdered sugar are a must-eat. At less than $3 for three of them, it’s also a bargain.

Grab a coffee (or a chocolate milk, which I recommend!), take a seat and try not to get too much sugar all over your inevitably all-black outfit…seriously, this stuff’s as messy as it is tasty.

Lunch at The Rum House

Tacos in New Orleans

Magazine Street in New Orleans is six miles long, snaking its way from the Garden District to Uptown. In particular, the Touro area is home to loads of interesting boutique stores and tasty food stops. While taking a wander along a section of the street, we stopped to refuel at The Rum House, offering a Caribbean and Latin American fusion menu. And, of course, plenty of rum.

I grabbed myself three tacos – the Chilli Glazed Shrimp, Brisket and Jerk Chicken, and all of them were brilliant. Fresh tasting ingredients, great flavours and soft, just-warm taco shells left me wanting more. 

Dinner at Red Fish Grill

Dessert at Red Grill in New Orleans

Ralph Brennan’s Red Fish Grill is a popular French Quarter eatery, and a wonderful place to taste the best of what the city’s food scene has to offer.

I had the Creole Jambalaya Risotto, and it was everything I love about New Orleans cuisine. Shrimp, sausage, grilled chicken and tomatoes in a melt-in-the-mouth risotto. At $22.50, it’s not the cheapest dish in the city – but certainly worth it for the taste.

If the awesome dinner wasn’t enough, when dessert appeared I nearly drooled all over my playsuit. My Frozen Peanut Butter Pie was nutty, chocolatey and gooey, with a peanut toffee crunch. Just look how photogenic it is too…the perfect treat for an evening of foodie indulgence.

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Jazz Brunch at The Court of Two Sisters

The Court of Two Sisters, New Orleans

I didn’t actually take any pictures of the food because I was v. hungover when eating this meal. Which called for large amounts of bacon and sausage…

The Court of Two Sisters‘ Jazz Brunch is an all-you-can-eat extravaganza. You’ll find traditional Deep South dishes, alongside soups, salads, carvery meats, hot entrees and desserts, all included in one brunch price. It’s around $50 for the buffet, but as part of it you get unlimited tea and coffee, as well as live jazz entertainment in the restaurant’s pretty little garden area.

Go hungry – there’s plenty of food on offer to fill your stomach with!

Share your favourite places to eat in New Orleans in the comments!

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