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How to save money on festival essentials

How to save money on festival essentials

Festival season is well and truly underway, and I’ve already had some awesome times, with a few more to come too. Over the years, I’ve realised how having the right kit can make or break a weekend camping festival. But if you’re already a bit skint after buying your tickets, how can you save money and what’s worth spending extra on? 

For this post, I’ve partnered up with Zeek, a gift card app that can save you money when you’re shopping. Initially, I just thought, ‘okay cool, I can refresh my festival kit in exchange for writing a fun blog post’. And that was it. But when I used Zeek to grab some Argos vouchers, I quickly discovered it’s actually a really useful money-saving app for buying pretty much anything.

For example – the £50 Argos voucher I purchased actually only cost me £47 – so I got £3 off my Argos spend. One of the most exciting vendors I’ve seen on there is Ticketmaster – at the time of writing, there’s a £100 voucher retailing at £93. That’s already £7 off a festival ticket. 

What’s more, everything I’ve linked to in this post (at the time of writing) is from a store that Zeek sells gift cards for – meaning every single thing in this post, you can save money on. Which means more money for festival food and face paint. You’re so welcome.

Polaroid Tree at 2000 Trees Festival 2017


Oh hey, check out that super cute pink 2-man pop-up tent for a tenner? Bargain, right?

It probably is a bargain…if you’re guaranteed bright, dry weather all weekend long. But if you’re going to a UK festival, I probably wouldn’t bank on that.

When you’re tent-shopping, always look for something with a double skin and a minimum hydrostatic head of 1500. Those two factors are key in making sure you don’t wake up feeling like you’re on the Titanic at 4am during an unexpected thunderstorm. 

A good tent is worth investing in, as it’ll make for a much more comfortable festival experience. My current tent is a Trespass 4-man*, which costs under £50, and I know it’ll last me plenty of rainy festivals for years to come.

Also, unless you’re actually a six year old, a two man tent ain’t gonna be big enough for two of you AND your belongings. So double up – a two man tent for one, four man tent for two, etc. 

Sleeping Bag

Because sometimes, you do need some sleep at festivals – man and woman cannot survive on Strongbow alone. 

Even in the middle of summer, it can get cold at night – my sleeping bag is a 2-3 season one, similar to this one. It managed to keep me mostly warm while camping in Belgium in April, which is a pretty good sign! 

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I much prefer ‘mummy’ style sleeping bags to ‘envelope’, as they wrap around your head too, and generally feel a lot warmer. If it gets too hot, like it did at this year’s 2000 Trees, I simply unzip my sleeping bag and use it like a duvet.

Forest stage at 2000 Trees 2017

Airbed/Roll Mat

Not everyone takes a full-on airbed, but I’m an old lady who likes to sleep comfortably. These can be picked up as cheap as a fiver*, and you can either use a foot pump or  electric pump* to blow it up. I opt for the electric pump, a few extra quid for the convenience, as I’m most likely to be doing it when I’ve had a lot of gin-in-a-tins. Give it an extra burst of air on a daily basis to keep it nice and comfy.

If you’re a bit tougher than me, you could grab yourself a roll mat or self inflating mat – I actually used the latter when I went camping in the States, and it does the job pretty well.

So – there you go. A basic run-down of the essential camping festival kit bits, and how to save some cash on them! 

*Post written in collaboration with Zeek