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Wanderlust: My Thailand Bucket List

Wanderlust: My Thailand Bucket List

A Thailand Bucket List | Mini Adventures

Thailand is one of those places everyone seems to have been to but me. That’s not for lack of want to go there though. I’ve spent plenty of time flicking through travel brochures, browsing blogs and Pinning pretty pictures, so I’ve compiled a bit of a Thailand bucket list of things I’d love to do there already. 

‘James Bond’ Island Tour

James Bond Island | Thailand Bucket List

In Phang Nga Bay, near Phuket, you’ll find the Ko Tapu rock formation – most recognisable from its appearance in James Bond movie ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’. Take an adventure around the bay by boat to see it up close by boat. As well as living the spy life as you cruise along in a speedboat, a visit to Phang Nga Bay is a chance to check out loads of the islands, rock formations and caves in the area. Something I think would be on everyone’s Thailand bucket list! 

Watching some Muay Thai boxing

Womens Muay Thai | Thailand Bucket List

After watching some live NXT shows at Download festival, my reignited interest in watching people fight each other is definitely alive and well. Muay Thai boxing is a traditional Thai combat sport, known as “the art of eight limbs”. With music, ritual, bright lights and action, seeing this sport take place in its home country would definitely be pretty epic.

Shopping at a floating market

Bangkok floating market | Thailand Bucket List

Honestly, I don’t tend do a lot of shopping on holiday – unless it involves markets, and then I’m all over every stall and chance to haggle that I can find. Plenty of floating markets can be found near Bangkok, selling fruit, veggies, local food and crafts. You can either wait for the boats to come to you on the shore, or hire a boat yourself and get stuck in to find the best deals!

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Let me know what your top three choices for a Thailand bucket list would be in the comments. Fingers crossed for you, fabulous readers!

*Post written in collaboration with Brightsun Travel