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Five ways to upgrade your picnic with Brioche

Five ways to upgrade your picnic with Brioche

The perfect way to enjoy the sunshine on a lazy weekend afternoon? With a picnic, obv.

Grab some friends, roll out that checked blanket, top up your glasses with some Bucks Fizz and enjoy the great British outdoors while you get slightly tipsy. 

Problem is, I’m usually pretty dull when it comes to picnics. A few rounds of cheese and onion sandwiches, a multipack of Walkers and some Everyday Value sausage rolls are all well and good – but making a bit of an effort with your picnic grub really takes the occasion up a notch. Which is why I’m totally championing the use of brioche in your picnic food-making plans.

I have to confess, I don’t actually eat it all that often, although I bloody love a burger in a brioche bun. So good. But when some of Brioche Pasquier‘s delights appeared on my doorstep, I decided to have a go at making some fancy picnic goodies. These are ideas rather than recipes, because I didn’t make the brioche from scratch because…well, effort. You can pick up a pack of eight rolls for less than £2 at your local Tesco. Which is just enough to make the perfect amount of picnic eats.

When I photographed this post it was actually raining outside, so we ended up on the living room floor having an indoor picnic instead! But I think I put together a spread that’s suited to any type of picnic or ‘pick and mix’ style meal, whether it’s in the park or round the dining table. 

Picnic ideas with Brioche PasquierSmoked salmon and cream cheese canapes with brioche bread

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Canapes

Pretty much the most traditional canape you can get, and for good reason. 

To make the canapes, cut your brioche bun carefully widthwise, into circles about 1-1.5cm thick. Lay them on a tray or grill rack, and pop under the grill until crisp, turning half way through. Then just add your topping! 

(note: you might want to make these once you’ve arrived at your picnic spot, as it could get a bit messy!)

Egg Mayonnaise and Cress Brioche Rolls

Surprisingly, the slight sweetness of the brioche actually worked really well with the egg mayo. This was a bit of a left-field experiment in my picnic making, but it was the easiest of the lot and fantastically filling. If you need instructions…

1. Hard boil eggs. Peel off shell.
2. Mush up eggs with mayonnaise and mix in cress
3. Put in bun.

So easy. So tasty. The perfect fusion of British and French lunchtime tastes.

Egg Mayonnaise and Cress Brioche Picnic RollsPicnic ideas with Brioche PasquierBrie and salami brioche canapes

Salami & Brie Canapes

See above for how to make the canapes. As I said, it’s pretty easy.

Once you’ve got your canape base, cut a round salami slice in half and wrap it round a slice of brie. Pop on top of your brioche base, then shove a cocktail stick through to keep everything in place.

Serve with a side of rocket to make yourself feel healthy.

Brioche Cheese ‘Straws’

A brioche-based, no-bake take on the classic cheese straw. This one’s slightly more complex than the rest, but still really easy to make.

Take your brioche roll and (carefully!) cut it lengthways, to make strips around 1-1.5cm thick. Place the strips onto some foil on a baking tray/grill rack and place your strips on top. Grate some cheddar, or whatever cheese you fancy, on the grater’s smallest setting and sprinkle it liberally over the straws. Place under a grill, watching carefully, until the cheese has melted and any bits of bread you can see have turned golden brown.

If you’re feeling super fancy, pick up some mixed dips to go with them.

Brioche Cheese StrawsPicnic ideas with Brioche PasquierStrawberries, Banana and Nutella on Brioche Toast

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Strawberries, Banana and Nutella on Brioche Toast

Easy peasy and super sweet. Slice your brioche in half, and pop each half either under the grill or in the toaster until they’re crisp and golden brown.

Top with Nutella – or, if you’re not a big chocolate fan, you could try peanut butter or Biscoff spread – and add chopped strawberries and banana. Seriously, these are so good. We ended up making an extra one each, because two slices totally wasn’t enough.

(As with the above, these are another one you might want to wait to top until you reach your picnic location. And if you have kids, you can get ’em to make the toast up themselves!)

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So there you have it. Five picnic ideas with brioche bread that’ll impress your friends (or date, this is SO a good date idea) and upgrade your picnic food from soggy sarnies in the park to French riviera fabulousness. 

What are your favourite picnic eats?

Post written in collaboration with Brioche Pasquier – all ideas my own!

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Looking to upgrade summer picnics? Here are five brioche ideas that are guaranteed to impress!