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Review | Brunch at San Marino, Leytonstone

Review | Brunch at San Marino, Leytonstone

Brunch at San Marino cafe in Leytonstone, London

You know you get that feeling when you realise you haven’t done something in ages and immediately NEED TO DO IT RIGHT NOW? Uhuh. Me too. That thing, this month, has been BRUNCH. I know. Take away my Instagram, etc etc. It’s okay though, I managed to rectify it with a trip to tasty local spot in my homelands of Leytonstone, San Marino. And it kinda made up for the brunch-less wilderness that lay behind me.

On Easter Sunday, my parents came down to visit and treated us to a spot of brunch. Usually, we just find ourselves in our local Spoons, but we wanted to show them the area has a bit more to offer in terms of dining options. I’d walked past San Marino a million times on my way home from the train station, but until recently, had only popped in when I was hungover and craving an Oreo milkshake as a cure. I must have searched all over my East London home streets in search of one until San Marino came to the rescue. 

Don’t let old Google Image results put you off this place – it’s been refurbished from cheap looking cafe to clean, cosy and shabby-chic stylish. It’s now a cute little cafe stop, which holds more inside than you’d imagine from the street – in terms of both space inside and the menu. Sitting at one of the tables, we leafed through a variety of dishes, from sandwiches and salads to classic Italian and Mediterranean dishes. 

Brunch at San Marino cafe in Leytonstone, LondonBrunch at San Marino cafe in Leytonstone, LondonBrunch at San Marino cafe in Leytonstone, London Brunch at San Marino cafe in Leytonstone, London

While my parents and Conor chose classic Sunday morning fry-ups, the blogger part of me just couldn’t resist a big ol’ plate of brunch. I used to be such a fry up girl, but nowadays I’d choose avo toast and smoked salmon over grease a lot of the time. Not just for the Instagram either – I genuinely do prefer to eat something a bit ‘fresher’, especially when I’m not hideously hungover. Although it’s definitely always hard to resist the sausages…which is why having fry-up fiends at the table is very useful indeed.

The avocado was delicious, and crushed to a perfect consistency. The bread tasted fresh and well-toasted, and the salmon was generous. On a critical note, I’d say the eggs could have been a little less ‘done’, as they didn’t quite ooze enough yolk for me. But otherwise, it was a perfectly enjoyable, affordable brunch – even down to the dressing on the side, and the portion size was pretty impressive for the price and very filling. And I heard good feedback from everyone on the fry-up too, particularly with the hash browns and bacon. I did sample a sausage though, and can confirm they’re pretty darn good.

The whole brunch for four, including an extra drink for me, came to bang on £30 – actually cheaper than our usual Spoons order! San Marino is definitely a great place in the local area for a laid-back bite to eat, and I’d also 100% recommend their milkshakes on a sunny day. Or if you’re hungover…

San Marino
668 High Road, Leytonstone, E11 3AA

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A hangover-beating brunch at San Marino cafe in Leytonstone, London