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Why London Summers Are The Best

Why London Summers Are The Best

Alright, I know, hold my horses, it’s only Spring. But look guys, the sun’s out! Which got me thinking about summer. I’ve always been a big fan of the sunshine months, for a lot of reasons. And nowhere I’ve lived has seemed to embrace summer as much as London does.

Londoners seem to hit a sunshine frenzy, opening up the beer garden umbrellas and whipping out the shorts and vest combos the second the mercury starts to creep up. And for many reasons, I’m already excited about summertime and everything it has to offer. Not convinced? Check out just some of the best things about London summer…

Everyone goes outdoors

Sometimes, it feels like the only time a London pub is empty is when its beer garden’s full. And if you’re not feeling a trip to your local, the city is full of beautiful open spaces to set yourself down with a picnic in. Pretty much every weekend, there’s some kind of outdoor event going on, whether it’s a public free-for-all or your mate’s wedding. (Seriously, everyone I know seems to be going to a million weddings this year!)

Going out is easier

In winter, I mostly want to hibernate on my sofa and re-watch episodes of Criminal Minds that I’ve seen a thousand times already. But when the sun comes out? I’m almost a full-on party animal (to the point where party animals like to be home by midnight, at least). Lighter evenings mean everyone’s more excited about post-work socialising – sitting outside as the sun goes down, sipping on a refreshing (and strong…) cocktail makes me pretty happy.

There’s always something going on

Surely one of the ultimate best things about London summer! There are always loads of big events going on across the city – so you won’t ever be short of things to do. The Big Smoke is home to some of the best event spaces in the country, and you’ll definitely find the perfect summer party venues in London. Anything taking place in a beautiful location with loads of outdoor space is a winner for me. Performances, entertainment, food and carnival rides transform London’s spaces into a wonderland of activity. Whether it’s heading to a large-scale event or just taking in the South Bank’s entertainment on a lazy afternoon, there’s always something to do!

You can get your live music fix

If there’s something I really enjoy, it’s listening to live music in the sunshine. And London’s home to some awesome opportunities for this, with loads of festivals. As there’s no camping involved, you can even stumble home via the tube afterwards instead of roughing it in a tent.

Getting dressed? No coat necessary

Summer weather = no need for bulky coats and scarves. Which means no cloakroom payments. That means more money towards eating and drinking, which are by far a better way to spend your cash. Feeling the sun on your skin, no awkward coat removals on the tube, and of course, all the summer dresses…

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