Things I’ve Loved Lately | 12.02.17

Hi. Hello. Time to share some awesome things again.

Before I start. Honestly, my head has been in a peculiar place so far this month. On the one hand, I’ve definitely been happy and excited for the year ahead. On the other, I’ve just had a feeling of…unsettledness? I have no clue what it is, I just haven’t felt…normal.

Turns out, taking some time out to breathe has helped, though. To appreciate the little things, and give myself some self-care treats. I’m getting there. And I’m also super excited about some amazing things that’ll be happening in the coming weeks.

As a result, I haven’t really kept up with this little space on the internet as much as I could have done. So rather than a ‘loved this week’ post, this is just a bit of a roundup of recent things that I’ve enjoyed.

Along with some unpolished phone pictures. SO welcome.

A tidy home

Turns out, a day spent cleaning makes you feel mega productive. I also forget how much a tidy house can make a positive impact on my mental health. The bedroom is cosy and welcoming, scented with a vanilla candle, and I also made my side of the bed into a little ‘me’ corner, sticking up some of my favourite pictures. Home. It’s good.

(P.S Matalan do THE BEST candles)


Black Sabbath at London O2 2017Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties live show

Probably one of the reasons I’ve felt like I haven’t stopped, in the opening days of February, I managed to rack up five gigs in seven days. I think I forgot how to not watch live music.

It all started off with Black Sabbath at the O2. I do like their music, but they’re not usually a band I could justify spending £75+ on a ticket for. Luckily, I managed to win a pair of tickets through Absolute Cult and really enjoyed the show.

I also saw my favourite band, The Wonder Years, twice – once in London, once in Glasgow, and they were both absolutely incredible shows. Seriously, one of the best live bands around, and their songs mean a hell of a lot to me too. 

On top of that, I saw their frontman, Dan ‘Soupy’ Campbell, perform for the first time ever in London with his side project Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties, and it didn’t disappoint. Ever since I first listened to We Don’t Have Each Other, I’ve been dying to see it performed. 

Finally, I fulfilled a teenage Milly wishlist and ticked The Ataris off my bucket list of bands to see.

Then I went to sleep a lot for ages and I’m finally recovered. Mostly.

Books that moved me

As part of my ‘being lovely to myself’ routine of late, I’ve spent a lot of time with my nose in a book. Sometimes, you just pick up stories that are perfect for the zeitgeist of your life, words that appear at just the right time to hit a chord and move you more than you expected.

I won a copy of Girls on Fire over on Dannie’s blog, Famous In Japan, and as soon as I started reading, I knew it was the perfect ME book. 

A story of teenage friendship, but not in the comfy, cosy, Sweet Valley High way, it tells a tale of obsessive friendship, dark behaviour and has some incredibly shocking moments. Even though I’m way off being a teenager nowadays, it wasn’t the age or the actual things that happened, rather than the feelings of being lost, unsettled and unsure, that struck a chord with me.

I particularly fell for the way that Robin Wasserman has created the voices of the girls narrating their story, and the way she writes is one I could only dream of emulating if I were to ever write fiction. Go read this book.

Really good coffee


As I’m now a fully signed-up member of the coffee club, it was time to welcome a cafetiere into my home, alongside some goodies I received from ThreeSixty Coffee. Their Peruvian Lima Province coffee is basically my perfect kind – strong and rich with a slightly nutty aftertaste!

Sky Box Sets

We have Sky Go on the PS4, and I’ve just discovered they have SO many TV shows on it. I blame seasons 1-9 of Criminal Minds for any present and future lack of productivity that will likely occur. 

Learning from home

One of the things I’ve really wanted to do for a while is do some kind of course/qualification that’ll help me in my career. Now I’ve finally settled that travel marketing/copywriting is very much what I’d quite like to do for a fair chunk of my future, I feel like a marketing based qualification is probably a useful idea.

I have no formal qualification in the area at all – just experience, which is great. And I totally stand by the fact you don’t need a three year degree to work in an area. (Unless it’s, y’know, medicine, law, etc, which probably isn’t the kinda role you can get into after reading a Wiki article and playing excessive rounds of Operation with your flatmates). But sometimes it’s good to feel like you can back yourself up with a little bit of theory, plus, I LIKE learning, y’know?

In a case of perfect timing, NCC Home Learning got in touch asking if I’d like to try out one of their courses – and super conveniently, they have a Marketing Diploma. HOW HANDY. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be making a start on this and keeping y’all up to date with my progress. Wish my lil brain luck (and hope Criminal Minds doesn’t distract me too much).


This week, I have a post coming up with a tasty recipe I tried last night, and then I might be a little quiet again as I’m off to Budapest on Wednesday. SO EXCITING. And when I get back from there, you’ll probably be bombarded with all the posts, ever. Sorry not sorry, in advance.

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