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Mamalan Dumplings East Village Stratford | Chinese Turkey Dumplings Recipe | Mini Adventures

Happy Christmas Eve! I’m currently sat around in my childhood bedroom in my Christmas jumper, watching festive films and getting into the Christmas spirit. If you’re looking for a last minute recipe to impress for Christmas Eve nibbles (or any festive parties, for that matter!), why not try out some Chinese Turkey dumplings?

A couple of weeks ago, I visited Stratford’s awesome East Village for a dumpling masterclass at Mamalan. I actually fall a little more in love with East Village every time I visit, and it’s basically one of my dream places to live. With loads of awesome little bars and restaurants, plus the rest of Stratford just a stone’s throw away, there’s so much to do, right on your doorstep. I just need to earn some more money, and I’m totally there…!

Until then, I’ll be cooking up tasty dumplings and paying lots of visits! And if you want to make your own taste of the East, here’s the Chinese Turkey Dumplings recipe you need!

Mamalan Dumplings East Village Stratford | Chinese Turkey Dumplings Recipe | Mini AdventuresChinese Turkey Dumplings Recipe | Mini Adventures

Chinese Turkey Dumplings Recipe

Ingredients (makes around 12 dumplings)

For the dough: 200g plain flour, 120ml warm water
For the filling: 100g turkey mince, 20g spring onion finely chopped, 10g ginger peeled and finely chopped, half teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon light soy sauce, 1.5 tablespoons dark soy sauce, 1 teaspoon sesame oil, 50g white onions finely chopped, 50g cabbage finely chopped. (optional: add a tablespoon of cranberry sauce for a festive kick!)

1. Put flour into a mixing bowl and gradually add the warm water, kneading as you go until a dough ball is formed and the dough is smooth and mouldable. Place on a floured surface and cover, leaving to rest for around 30mins.

2. Meanwhile, place the turkey mince into a bowl and agitate slightly until softened. Add the soy sauces and sesame oil, and mix well. Finally, mix in the onions, cabbage and, ginger and salt and mix well again.

3. Knead the rested dough a few times, then use a knife to cut into long thin pieces. Cover the rest while working with each piece! Roll into a long, thin sausage shape around 2cm thick, and then cut into 2cm lengths.

Chinese Turkey Dumplings Recipe | Mini Adventures Chinese Turkey Dumplings Recipe | Mini Adventures

4. Flatten each piece with the palm of your hand into small thick discs. Roll out with a rolling pun into bigger discs – the centre should be slightly thicker than the outside.

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5. Use a fork or spoon to put a small amount of filling in the dough, then fold into dumpling shapes. Make sure the edges are fully sealed together – use a little water if needed.

6. Gently place the dumplings in a non-stick pan. Fill the pan with water so that the water comes to half-way up the dumplings. Cover with a lid, leaving a gap for steam and bring to a boil, simmer until the dough is cooked (looks slightly translucent) and the dumplings swell slightly. This usually takes 8-10 mins.

7. Remove water from pan while keeping the dumplings inside, rinse with cold water. Put the pan back on a high heat to allow any excess water to evaporate. When the pan is dry, add a little oil without moving the dumplings around, and cook until bases are crisp.

8. Serve hot with a combination of light soy sauce, Chinkiang vinegar and chilli oil.

Have you visited Mamalan? Or made your own dumplings? Let me know what you think of this Chinese Turkey Dumplings recipe in the comments!