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My five favourite Christmas traditions

My five favourite Christmas traditions

Jingle those bells, I’m actually writing my first Christmas 2016 post!

I’ve realised it’s almost halfway to the big day and I haven’t actually posted about Christmas. Which is quite weird. Because I love Christmas a lot and haven’t been any less of a festive Felicity this year than I have any other year.

I’ve actually done quite a few festive fun things that I haven’t got around to writing about yet. On Friday, I went along to Winter Wonderland – and of course, my tree’s up and decorated. Therefore, the festive force is strong with this one right now. So to apologise for my lack of Christmas cheer (and blogging loud for all to hear), I thought I’d share a little ol’ list about some of my favourite parts of the festive season.

I’d love to hear yours in the comments too!

1. Dinner with the family

When I go back to spend Christmas in the home I grew up in, it’s quite a small affair – just myself, my parents and brother. When we were younger, my grandparents used to come round for dinner too, but even then, it was just six of us. A lot of people I speak to have larger families, but I’m actually quite happy with our small gathering. It takes the pressure off hosting, which means we spend more time enjoying ourselves and drinking enough fizz that a sofa sleep afterwards is totally necessary.

Plus, I only have to listen to four awful cracker jokes. It’s a win-win situation, basically.

Morrisons Christmas sausage rollsMorrisons Christmas decorationsMorrisons Christmas cakesMorrisons Christmas turkey

2. Putting the presents under the tree

When I was a child, my parents always put presents under the tree when I’d gone to bed on Christmas Eve. Except, me being me, as soon as they were asleep after being convinced I was peacefully slumbering, I’d creep through our bungalow and sneak into the living room to shake some boxes and try and work out what everything was. Other people did this, right?

Now that both myself and my brother have grown up, we still put presents under the tree, but as I usually come in from Christmas Eve after a couple of glasses (aka a bottle) of prosecco, they’re usually put under there a bit earlier. I still love the anticipation of trying to work out what things are though! One thing I did used to worry about (generally, not just at Christmas) is burglars. Which is horrible enough as it is, but at Christmas, I imagine it would be even worse. So perhaps some home insurance from Chill is probably a good idea, in case those gifts get taken in some horrible reverse Santa scenario.

3. Christmas Eve drinks

This is a favourite tradition not just because it’s an excuse to drink prosecco (as if I need one…), but also a chance to catch up with old friends, something I don’t get to do as much as I’d like. Since moving to London, I don’t really get back to Norfolk much, and there are people I miss a lot. We all come together on Christmas Eve, to share drinks, homemade brownies and Christmas cards.

At one point, I actually used to drive home and was responsible for giving people lifts because I’m generally all-round awesome. All the Diet Cokes for me then. I might actually be driving this year, but drinking or not drinking, I just love spending Christmas Eve with some of the most important people.

Morrisons Christmas gin and tonic shotsMorrisons Christmas gin and tonic shotsMorrisons Christmas meringuesMorrisons Christmas flowers

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4. Having a post-Christmas Christmas

As I spend my Christmasses with my parents still, Conor and I don’t spend Christmas together. Instead, we do a ‘post-Christmas’ celebration instead. We go out for dinner to our favourite Greek restaurant (except last year when it was closed and I had a full on wobbly until we went to Jamie’s Italian instead…) and swap presents, and it’s really nice to have something else to be excited for after the Christmas buzz is over with.

5. The food shop

I’ve always loved the Christmas food shop with my mum. The usual ooh-ing and ahh-ing at all the cheeses, estimating exactly how many sausage rolls we’ll eat (and then realising by Christmas Eve they’re all gone already and having to do a last minute top up shop), and obviously, working out how much I can sneak into the trolley. Even now I live away from my parents, I still nag my mum to wait for me to come home.

We always do our Christmas shop at Morrisons, and I was actually able to head along to their press day in July and check out the ranges – which are where the images from this post are from! Although this year, I might end up missing out on the food show as I can’t go home until the 23rd. Boo. That might mean there are more sausage rolls to go round though…

What are your favourite festive traditions?

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