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Ibis Lates: Live Music In Your Hotel Lobby

Ibis Lates: Live Music In Your Hotel Lobby

Live music in London with Ibis Lates

I love a good hotel stay. Even when it’s in my own city. Especially in my own city, sometimes. Staycations rule. Another thing I’m a big fan of, as you’ll likely realise, is heading out for a bit of live music. This month, I got to combine the two. Pretty awesome, eh?

As part of Ibis Hotels‘ new partnership with the Roundhouse in Camden, they’re taking live music to the road, putting on a series of exclusive gigs in Ibis Hotels around the UK. To launch the series, they held a launch night at the London City Shoreditch Ibis, and yours truly went along to have a drink and a boogie with bed/a pair of flat shoes just a few floors away. Brilliant.

First up on arrival, I checked into my room – the perfect place to get ready for the night. As I was by myself, I had plenty of room to spread out and make a mess all over the floor within about three minutes – but it’d also have been plenty enough space for two people to stay comfortably.

Live Music in London at Ibis Lates ShoreditchLive Music in London at Ibis Lates ShoreditchJay Johnson at Ibis Lates

Once I’d put my face and fave playsuit on, I headed down to the bar area to join the party. Sipping on cocktails in milk bottles and Koppabergs, the atmosphere was great. Plus they had some fabulous celebrity masks and inflatable props to play around with. I made Will.I.Am dad dance and it was pretty epic (and now forever lost on Snapchat. Soz guys).

The first act of the night, and my favourite, was Jay Johnson. With folk inspired-songwriting with an urban flair, he also showed off his awesome guitar skills, at one point flipping his guitar over and playing it percussive style. Yes, I had to Google that. It basically means when you drum on the body as well as actually playing. And it’s definitely impressive.

As well as Jay’s perfomance, we also checked out Soma, a group of musicians who met on the Roundhouse’s Music Collective Programme. The programme gives young people the chance to develop their emerging musical talents, and it definitely proved a success with Soma’s eclectic musical repertoire. To end the evening, Estee Blu delivered a smooth blend of R&B, jazz and gospel inspired tracks from her first EP, Introducing Estee Blu.

Soma at Ibis LatesEstee Blu at Ibis Lates

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After the acts had finished and DJ span some awesome tracks and I got pretty excited by the inclusion of a bit of classic Blue, I headed up to my room for some quality snooze. Crawling into my king size bed and getting cosy under the sheets, I had one of the best sleeps I’d had in quite a while. So good, in fact, I managed to miss breakfast the next morning before I headed to work. And managed to leave the hotel in a massive rush with my dress tucked into my tights. Oops.

Although the music wasn’t my usual style (I’m normally found circling around the outside of a sweaty moshpit), it was a really fun evening and I loved the hotel. It’s the perfect location for getting into the heart of London, and the rooms are welcoming and cosy. Definitely somewhere I’d hit up for a city break if I was visiting!

The Ibis Lates tour will be hitting cities around the UK – check out the Ibis website for more details!

*I was a guest of Ibis for the gig – all opinions and inability to wake up on time my own.