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Weekend Wishlist 22.10.16: Hello Matalan

Weekend Wishlist 22.10.16: Hello Matalan

Matalan makeup bag

First up – this isn’t even sponsored, I just really like Matalan at the moment, y’know? (If you’ve been on my Instagram lately, you’ll definitely know.) It kinda helps that I have one five minutes away from my house that’s conveniently located on my walk home from the station every day. It also really helps that their current ranges are just pretty darn awesome. And it’s all super affordable.

Recently I’ve been picking up quite a few things in-store, including THREE pairs of shoes. Yup. And they’re all so pretty. The only issue I’m having with the shoes is basically down to my super awks feet. I’m a through-and-through half size. Gimme that 3.5. With boots, I’m fine with a 4, but when it comes to slip-ons, a 4 falls off and a 3 is pinchy af.

But for these dark red babies? I’ll take the pain and buy some plasters. They’ve stretched out after a few wears anyhow. I’ve always liked the idea of ‘slipper’ type shoes that you can wear somewhere other than your bedroom. And seeing as pink hair means no more burgundy outfits (my former go-to shade), I can pop a little of this lovely red tone on my feet. Sorted.

As well as the cutest shoes ever, I also grabbed some hella comfy basic black boots (Autumn necessity), and some black detailed patent shoes. Same problem as the red shoes with sizing, but they’re currently getting a good stretch.

Matalan bargains

Other than shoes, I’ve got myself a susprisingly warm camo jacket (it’s fluffy on the inside!). The arms are quite thin, so I don’t get the inner elbow sweat (hot) that my leather jacket gives me, but the lining inside the body means it’s still mega cosy.

On another visit, I decided it was time to get cosy (and because Conor was fed up of me pinching his dressing gown), so I picked up a big fluffy snuggly robe that basically makes me feel like an adorable snow-girl. While I was queueing to pay, I spotted their glittery alphabet makeup bags. For just a fiver, it’s got all the space I need for my everyday products, PLUS it has a giant sparkly M on the front. Sold, sold, sold.

Because I definitely haven’t done Matalan haulin’ yet, here are some other bits I’ve got my eye on this season. Standard leopard print, lace and black boots included. I’m predictable, deal with it.


Matalain Autumn Winter WishlistMatalain Autumn Winter Wishlist

Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat, £35 // Lace Fluted Sleeve Dress, £16 // Ripped Skinny Jeans, £18 // Cold Shoulder Ribbed Top, £10 // Burgundy Cord A-Line skirt (£12) // Suedette Pinafore Dress, £16


Matalain Autumn Homeware Winter Wishlist

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Embellished Ankle Boot, £25 // Western Buckle Boots, £25 // Round Toe Block Heels, £16


Matalain Autumn Homeware Winter Wishlist

Norweigan Woodfire Scented Candle, £3 // Woven Chenile Throw, £15 // Mongolian Faux Fur Cushion, £8 // Queen of Everything Mug, £4 // Stripe Dinner Plate, £3 //

SO MANY PRETTY THINGS. (and the sparkly ankle boots look better in person than on the website, trust me). I want it all, and I want it now.

Oh, and I haven’t even started on their Christmas ranges yet…