The Ultimate Create-Your-Own at Pizza Buzz

If I had to describe Pizza Buzz in a couple of words? Imagine Subway, but for pizza. Adding and removing toppings is a pretty standard practice when it comes to personal taste, and Pizza Buzz takes the concept of choice to a whole new level when it comes to pizza. Being a total fiend for the cheesy, dough-y stuff, I met up with Leanne and Erica for a casual Wednesday night pizza date.

A short walk from Moorgate, Liverpool Street and Shoreditch, when we arrived we found funky decor and a warm welcome. Pizza Buzz do eat in and takeaway, and as well as the ‘pizza bar’ itself, they have their own ‘specials’ if you’re short on time/struggling to make a decision. When we arrived, there was no queue, so we grabbed a menu each and started discussing the ins and outs of creating the perfect pizza.

Pizza Buzz LondonPizza Buzz Moorgate restaurantPizza Buzz restaurant LondonPizza Buzz London restaurant

First up – the base. Which is a pretty important part of what makes a pizza a pizza.

There’s the Margherita, which is pretty much your standard pizza base – crushed tomato, fresh mozzarella and parmesan. Or, if you’re vegan/don’t like cheese, you can get the Rossa, which is basically the Margherita sans cheese and with oregano. If it’s the sauce you’re not a fan of, the Focaccia does away with it altogether and instead adds some garlic. Basically, it’s cheesy garlic bread! And for something a bit different, you could go for the Bianca, which comes with white sauce.

The final option and the one I picked is the Verde – pine nut basil pesto, fresh mozzarella and parmesan. I tend to always go for tomato when I’m eating pizza, so decided to go a bit different with this one in the spirit of trying new things!

Pizza Buzz doughPizza Buzz Moorgate London choose your cheesePizza Buzz toppings

Obviously, without toppings, you’d just be eating a slice of bread with some cheese on. Which is cool, but at Pizza Buzz, there are so many options you can really go all out. From the ‘standard’ – pepperoni, peppers and pineapple – to the more inventive, including prawns and smoked salmon, there are so many different combos you can hit up.

I’d basically not decided what toppings to go for at all. So decided to just kinda wing it, because spontaneity. I ended up picking pepperoni and pancetta for my meat, and finally red onions and jalapenos at the veggie station. I topped it off with some pine nuts, which I thought would work well with the pesto base (and I bloody love pine nuts).

Pizza Buzz restaurant review LondonPizza Buzz Pesto base create your own

To begin with, not having a tomato base felt weird, but after a slice I’d totally accustomed myself to the pesto base, and it was awesome. The toppings are really generous, and the gooey mozzarella ended up all over my chin, there was so much of it. Thanks to the jalapenos, it was pretty spicy, and the thin crust was exactly how I like it. Although the edges look slightly blackened, it didn’t taste ‘burnt’ – just crispy and delicious.

Erica went for the Margherita base, with prawns, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and some fresh spinach on top. Obv, I stole a slice. ‘For research’. It was a proper, classic pizza experience – rich tomato sauce and plenty of cheese. Seriously, so much cheese. And the prawns were really good too – something I’d never even considered having on pizza, but it totally worked.

Pizza Buzz soda machine

Seriously one of my favourite inventions in life are these soda machines. The ones you get in Five Guys, with about a zillion (slightly overexaggerating, maybe) combinations of drinks and flavours. Peach Fanta, Sprite Zero, Vanilla Cherry Coke…if you want it, it’s probably here. And like Five Guys and co, you can refill as much as you want. Basically, the perfect beverage situation and we were sat about three feet away from it. Of course, there’s a plentiful booze menu if you fancy that too. As well as your standard, expected drinks, you can also grab a cup of tea for a £1 donation to the Cystic Fibrosis charity, which is pretty lovely.

We were actually so stuffed we didn’t opt for desserts (I know, what the hell is wrong with me) – but you can get ice cream too. They have cow’s milk, goat’s milk and almond milk options, in a variety of flavours. I really regret not getting the bubblegum now, tbh…

Pizza Buzz is such a great concept and the results were brilliant. I love that you can be a bit inventive with your toppings, or just go for something really simple. It’s totally up to you. And, of course, my fave food, a glass of prosecco and hanging with a couple of my top girls is ALWAYS a midweek excellent idea.

Pizza Buzz
Alphabeta Building, 2b Worship Street, EC2A 2AH
020 3815 6696

*We were guests at Pizza Buzz, but the pizza love is definitely 100% real.

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