Five Little Ways To Be More Indulgent

Feeling fancy? Or just wish you were? Here are five ways to feel that little bit more luxurious and be more indulgent on the cheap…

Pick up some luxe-but-totally-affordable desserts

I recently tried out some little treats from Pots & Co, and oh boy, did they make me feel fabulous.

The Little Pots of 70% Chocolate* were an absolute dream, incredibly rich and smooth. A good measure of whether something’s good chocolate is whether it makes Conor sneeze – and within moments, he was sneezing like he’d been dusting our cupboard under the stairs. You can pick up a pack of four for £3 from Tesco – although I won’t blame you if you pretend you sent your butler to get ’em from Harrods.

Use some fancy bubble bath

Seriously, I swear even shaving my legs counts as indulgent for me these days. Classy. For the ultimate posh bath, find yourself a travel/sample size bottle that looks a bit fancy (as looking like it’s luxe is totally half the battle). Get the foam going. Light some candles. Put a classy drama on Netflix (except I never watch classy dramas) and get that chilled out spa vibe. All while ignoring the ominous crack creeping its way across the bathroom ceiling…eh, I’ll ring the landlord tomorrow.

Upgrade to first class

Weekend first class upgrades are pretty cool, as they’re usually a fair whack cheaper than a weekday first class ticket. Some first class train services are better than others (tea and a packet of Golden Wonder, Abellio Greater Anglia? I had a WHOLE MEAL on my first class adventure to Durham, y’know), but at the very least, you’ll get a guaranteed comfy seat, a plug socket and probably some free Wi-Fi.

Look around some posh show apartments

This is something I did once with my mum and dad in Portsmouth, and although it sounds a bit weird, it was actually strangely fun. Pretending you’re a fancy young professional on a house hunt? Dreaming over the kinda place you’ll buy when you definitely become super-rich (it’s just a matter of time)? Throw on something a bit fancy and play pretend before you stumble back to your Zone 4 flatshare to rummage desperately in the cupboard for Supernoodles.



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