Don’t Be A Knit-Wit… #KnitwearCareClub

I’ve been so excited about that punny title for ages. Seriously, I’m super lame, aren’t I?

Recently, the fab George at ASDA people got in touch to talk all things knitwear. Alright, I know, it’s still pretty warm but now we’re in September, the slightly colder months will be upon us faster than you can say ‘wonderful wooly winter warmers’.

I don’t actually own all that much knitwear. I’m quite fussy about it, as I worry that bad fitting ones make me look like a fluffy blob. Good job George had me covered, eh?

A classic striped jumper is probably in pretty much all wardrobes up and down the land, but I didn’t actually have one myself. UNTIL NOW. Enter the Ribbed Cold Shoulder Jumper*, which costs a measly £12. Bargain. And ohhhh, just how cute is it?! I really love the cold shoulder detail on this one, it gives a simple jumper a bit more excitment to it,

My tip? If you need to hang your knits up, use a padded hanger so they don’t lose their shape. Plus, cute padded hangers look a million times better than mismatched black plastic ones from every shop in Westfield. Aka half my wardrobe. HA.

Some of the other tips bloggers shared on the post are actually pretty new to me. I’m usually a ‘chuck it all in the wash at once’ type, but Lyndsay‘s advice to always take notice of the care label is a good’un. And if you’re having severe bobble issues but don’t fancy leaving the house to buy one of those de-bobbling gadget, Charlotte‘s idea of using a disposable razor instead is pretty genius.

I paired my jumper with some of George’s black Wonderform skinny jeans*. Considering how everyone reacts when I wear jeans (I think I’ve worn a pair maybe…three times…this year), I’m so impressed with them. Comfy as hell, easy to wear with anything and they make my legs look like I’ve been down at the gym for weeks non-stop.

Make sure you check out the full post of blogger and expert knitwear tips! What would be your top tip for keeping knits in good nick?

*I was kindly sent some bits and pieces from George, including a brand new knit, to write this post!

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