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East London: Boats and Beers

East London: Boats and Beers

Whipps Cross Hollow Pond Boating Lake

Bank Holidays are ace, right? After getting back from the States, I had quite a quiet weekend of readjusting and sleeping. Jet lag’s a bitch. But on Bank Holiday Monday, after spending a lot of time cleaning the flat and watching The Flash, Conor and I decided to go on a bit of an adventure.

We’re pretty lucky with our flat, we live in London Zone 3, a short walk from a tube station – but we’ve also got woods and parkland pretty much on our doorstep. Basically the best kinda mix of city and country vibes, with a small-town feel to our area but still an easy journey into central.

Hollow Ponds Boating Lake is a 10-15 minute walk from our flat. We’ve driven past it and seen it from the top deck bus window, and kept planning to go for most of the summer. Finally, we got around to actually going on Monday.

Hollow Ponds Boating Lake Whipps CrossWhipps Cross Boating Lake Dog in Water

We rented a rowing boat for an hour, and it was hella fun. Basically pretending I was a pink haired Bridget Jones, and I was surprisingly decent at actually rowing the thing too. Despite being terrified of the rather large amount of ducks that surrounded our boat at one point…

The boating lake is a pretty big one – with about 25-30 boats out and about, we only crashed into another boat once or twice (okay, four times…their fault). It was £15 for the hour’s rental, which is pretty decent – and grabbed Tesco meal deals for a mini picnic lunch too. A pretty awesome cheap day…at least, until the pub happened…

Hollow Ponds Boating Lake LeytonstoneHollow Ponds Boating Lake Tree

After tiring ourselves out on the boat, we did the typical Brit Bank Holiday activity of going to the pub. Outside, they had a couple of guys channeling Notting Hill Carnival on steel drums. It’s actually a really nice little pub near Liverpool Street, with a cool outdoor area and lots of craft beers. After a quick beer in another nearby place (which…uh…I’ve forgotten the name of. Blame the beer), we grabbed a quick Pizza Union and headed home.

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