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Weekend Wishlist | Fourth Of July

Weekend Wishlist | Fourth Of July

Weekend Wishlist Fourth July

Yes, I know it’s only the second today. But the fourth of July falls on Monday, which is definitely not a weekend day and therefore breaking my tradition of posting wishlists at the weekend, and I can’t be having that. Nope.

As you might have read at the beginning of this week, I’ve landed myself my dream job which I’m SO excited about. I’m getting all lovey with all things American ahead of my work trip in August, so obviously with one of the biggest US holidays coming up I want to adorn myself in USA-themed things and basically be an America nerd.

The shorts in particular I’m dreaming of for festival season (although with my eating habits recently, I might struggle to get ’em on. Roll out the salads, please). They popped up when I was browsing Instagram and I’ve been lusting after them ever since. Teaming them with a classic USA top and stars’n’stripes backpack and I’m basically a walking advert for visiting the states.

What are your fave pieces from my wishlist? Also, an early happy 4th July to all my American pals!

America Tank, £21, Topshop | Laiente Canvas Backpack, £29.49, MyXLShop | Starry Dungarees, £32.99, Attitude Clothing | Rock Rebel Flag Hotpants, £16.99, EMP | Made In The USA Recipe Book, £18.99 (pre-order), Amazon | Stars and Stripes Pants, £32.99, EMP | American Flag Swimsuit, £14.99, Amazon | Stars and Bars Converse, £52, Converse | theBalm AutoBalm California Palette, £16.50, FeelUnique

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P.S Have the song that gets stuck in my head whenever the fourth of July is mentioned. You’re welcome.