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The Ultimate Festival Waterproof Jacket

The Ultimate Festival Waterproof Jacket

Lighthouse Festival Waterproof Jacket

Last weekend, I spent three days filled with music, friends and fun at one of my favourite UK festivals, 2000 Trees. I’ve got a full post coming on it very soon, so keep those eyes peeled if you wanna find out who I loved, what I ate, and just how good the weekend was.

Thanks to the lovely weather gods, we were pretty lucky to get what seemed to be the first properly sunny UK festival of the year. (Seriously though, did you see Download’s weather?!). However, when the inevitable showers decided to rain down on our tents, I was totally prepared.

Because the much-maligned British Summertime is a fickle thing, having a waterproof jacket is an absolute festival essential. I once bought a super thin one from the high street, and paid the price when it wasn’t actually that waterproof and clung to my hoody underneath and made me feel wet and miserable and pretty crappy. Bleh.

Every year without fail, I find myself rocking up to multiple festivals with my tent and sleeping bag in tow – so investing in a serious waterproof jacket is a very sensible idea indeed, and thanks to Lighthouse Clothing, I’ve found just the thing.

Lighthouse Festival Waterproof Jacket

Lighthouse’s Romy Waterproof Cotton Jacket* (£89.95) is a parka-style waterproof jacket that comes in two shades, and it’s pretty darn lovely.

I picked it up in ‘Willow Green’, a fantastic khaki shade – but you can also grab it in a stunning navy blue, called ‘Night Sky’. As well as having big enough pockets to pop a couple of spare cider cans in, it’s also got a gorgeous floral patterned lining that makes it feel all that more special

Although it’s thick enough and well-lined to keep the rain out and some warmth in, it’s also still pretty lightweight, meaning it won’t weigh you down when you’re bouncing about. The arms are a little bit long on me – I went a size bigger than my usual – but when it comes to waterproof jackets I definitely think having something on the slightly roomier side is a top idea. If you get really cold, you can still wear a hoody underneath – or just throw it on over a band t-shirt and denim shorts for easy festival style points.

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Lighthouse Festival Waterproof Jacket

(I particularly like this shot. I’m great at posing for outfit shots on the third day of a festival, me. FYI – shorts from H&M, and it’s an old Fall Out Boy tee.)

Even if you’re not a festival-goer, this jacket is pretty perfect for the British weather – from outdoorsy adventures to everyday style while keeping yourself dry. The brilliant quality makes it a great investment which will definitely be packed up in my rucksack for many more years of festival adventures to come!

What are your festival style essentials? Are you heading to any this season? Let me know!