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Things I’ve Loved This Week #7

Things I’ve Loved This Week #7

Hard Rock Cafe Vaults


I’ve just got back from a tasty meze brunch in Central and currently sitting on my sofa working my way through all my past blog posts to upload to Meet Edgar, staring at the mess surrounding me and thinking I should probably get my clean on soon. Glamorous Sunday evenings.

This week has been pretty ace. Want some highlights?

Hard Rockin’ Burger Tour

Hard Rock Burger

Soz for the slightly rubbish picture. Blame the cocktails (except, uh, I hadn’t actually drunk them yet. So don’t really.)

A few weeks ago an email hit my inbox that was pretty exciting – I’d won a burger and cocktail each for two at London’s Hard Rock Cafe. Okay, Hard Rock is pretty much as touristy as you can get, but I loved visiting the Los Angeles Hard Rock so was definitely looking forward to doing a London visit. I had the Giardiniera deli burger – a huge patty topped with sliced roast beef, red peppers, giardiniera peppers and provolone cheese. It was absolutely MASSIVE – super filling and meaty.

After the meal, we popped down to the Hard Rock Vaults – I’d been before (see the full lowdown here), but Conor hadn’t, so we had a quick poke around. It’s definitely a little spot worth a visit if you’re nearby, with music memorabilia encompassing the likes of KISS, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury and Black Sabbath.

A special ‘get well soon’ card

Breaking Benjamin autographs

Alright, so my gallbladder removal operation was almost a month ago now, but I finally got my hands on a pretty special get well soon card. I’d initially bought a Sunday ticket for Download as I really wanted to catch Breaking Benjamin on a super rare UK appearance. However, thanks to having my insides pulled out, I had to sell the ticket. Being an amazingly top pal, my friend Sam actually went to BB’s signing and got them to scribble a little get well note. Literally one of the nicest things anyone’s ever done for me. We finally got to have a catchup hangout at Pizza Union (obviously) and now this is ready to take pride of place on my wall. BEST.

Flamin’ Cocktails at The Gate, Islington

Flamin Cocktails at The Gate

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Counter at Evel Pie, Las Vegas

The Gate is a vegetarian restaurant in Angel, just across the road from my old workplace. On Friday night, we headed there for a friends birthday – and after hearing good things I was quite excited to try out their latest menu. Unfortunately, I was pretty underwhelmed by the food. As I’d already eaten earlier, I opted for two starters instead of a full meal – the grilled halloumi with freekeh, pomegranate and mint salad, roasted red onions, peppers and harissa; and the leek tart. The halloumi was tasty but a very small portion, and the tart was quite bland for my tastes.

I’d actually been to The Gate for lunch a few years back and had a really tasty and generous pasta dish, so the menu offerings were a bit of a disappointment for the amount we paid. However, to make up for it they have some pretty snazzy cocktails on offer – including this one, which came out aflame. Pretty awesome!

A different kind of Saturday evening
Usually, on a Saturday, I’m either found in the pub, at a noisy rock gig or sat on my sofa rolling my eyes at weekend partygoers (because we all know weekends are for eating, going to bed early and being super rock and roll). However, this Saturday I got to do something a little outside my normal social comfort zone. My wonderful friend AJ plays the trumpet in the Symphonic Wind Orchestra of North London, and I managed to find my way around Highgate to catch the orchestra’s summer show.

It’s definitely not my normal kind of music but I was surprised at how much I genuinely enjoyed it – everything sounded SO BIG and film score-esque. Seriously, really good.

Plus, we went to the pub after which is always welcome…

Let me know what fun things you’ve got up to this week!