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Things I’ve Loved In July

Things I’ve Loved In July

Summer Flowers

Because I’ve been a bit lax this month with my ‘Things I’ve Loved’ post – here for your perusing pleasure, a great ol’ whopping edition covering the whole of July. That’s a LOT of good things. July has totally been a month of change at work, and I’m currently feeling pretty ‘in my stride’ when it comes to where life’s at. So it’s been a pretty successful month! Here are some of the highlights…

1. Camping out

As you might know, I’ve started my new job working for TrekAmerica and Grand American Adventures now – and it’s AMAZING. Before my first day, I went along to the staff outing, which involved mini golf, foot golf and a camp out in the middle of the woods. We’re talking so secluded there weren’t even proper loos. I had the absolute best time though – we cooked our dinner over the campfire, had some drinks, then I cosied up in a tent and fell asleep to the sound of the silent forest around me. I actually can’t wait to do more camping when I head off on my US trip in…ten days! Eep!

2. Filming with Tastecard

Earlier in the month, the Tastecard team asked me along to take part in their new promo video. I spent the afternoon at Pizza Express in Paddington with the lovely Claire, who was, as always, such amazing company. The filming experience itself was a little strange – by the time we’d filmed vox pops, we were absolutely starving so the food totally couldn’t come quick enough. We gorged ourselves on antipasti and pizza, accompanied by lots of soft drinks to pacify my slight hangover…

3. Inspirational reading…

I had some Amazon vouchers to spend, so I decided to pick up some kick-ass reading material. A couple of my purchases were hit and miss, but I couldn’t put down Aliza Licht’s Make Your Mark. Aliza made huge waves in social media as DKNY PR girl and she shares her stories in the form of a sassy advice book. Even though her career’s been in fashion PR, not my area AT ALL, her advice is so relatable to anyone wanting to supercharge their work and social media life. I loved reading her anecdotes and find her story incredibly inspirational. A must-read!

Pizza Express AntipastiPizza Expres Bottle Green PressePizza Express American Hot

4. …and some more inspirational reading

I haven’t actually pre-ordered a book since…probably since Deathly Hallows came out actually. Most of the time, I’ll be raiding charity shops for already-loved tomes. But there was one book I just had to have as soon as it was released – Emma Gannon’s Ctrl Alt Delete. In case you’re living under an Internet rock, Emma Gannon is the writer behind Girl Lost In The City, and has built herself a career from her complete love of all things social. I’ll most definitely do a full review on this one soon, as I can totally share my own hilarious social media mishaps for your amusement. But basically, if you’ve ever used social media – read. this. book. NOW.

5. Cocktail making

Firstly – Soho Juice know what’s up. They kindly sent over some of their Lemon, Lime, Cucumber and Mint mixer with a few mini bottles of booze to have a go at making up some of my own cocktails with. Basically the perfect soft drink base for a gin-based cocktail, and great for making a quick and easy mojito. Sipping away on these in the sunshine is definitely a great addition to my summer.

Funkin Cocktails also popped over some cartons of their Pina Colada cocktail mix, which I served up to our guests at this weekend’s BBQ. So simple – just add some white rum and ice, and a pineapple slice to decorate. Fancy cocktails with severely limited effort. I’m sold.

Ctrl Alt Delete How I Grew Up OnlineSoho Juice Company Cocktails

6. Summer flowers

Just because, well, who doesn’t love some nice summery blooms? As well as spotting the sunshine yellow beauts outside work, I’ve also picked up some plants and flowers to inject a happiness boost into our little flat.

7. Having an office dog

One of the many awesome bits of my new job (there are quite a few) is occasionally our director brings his DOG into the office. YES, AN OFFICE DOG. I’ve always wanted to work in an office with a dog so basically all my dreams have come true. She’s so adorable, I’m actually surprised we get any work done…

8. Time travelling in the name of tennis (and beer)

Perhaps one of the coolest things I’ve done this month came courtesy of Stella Artois and theatre company Les Enfants Terribles. To celebrate Wimbledon, they came together to put on an immersive theatre experience – taking us back in time to help one tennis player make his way to the first ever ‘Wimblydon’ tournament. I love immersive experiences, and the whole thing was just so well put together. Plus, we sipped away on Stella Cidre cocktails after our preview, which was pretty awesome too.

Morrisons Christmas Tree Meringue

9. Christmas in July…

Anyone blogging or working in the media will probably be pretty familiar with ‘Christmas in July’. If you’re not, brands hold their festive press days during July, so editors can plan their coverage in plenty of advance. I popped along to a few this year, a fave being good ol’ Morrisons, where I iced my own Christmas tree meringue and ate all the turkey and cheese.

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10. A sneak peek at Tatty Devine’s Christmas collection

Speaking of Christmas press days, OH-EM-GEE Tatty Devine let me and Claire come along to check out their fabulous Christmas range. YES YES YES. Normally, I’m not a jewellery girl but Tatty Devine actually make pieces I’d happily wear. Bright and bold, their Christmas collection is full of things I’d lose my shit over if I found them in my stocking. I’ll be showcasing the whole glorious collection (along with some other loved pieces) in a full post later in the year, but meanwhile – here’s a sneak peek…

Tatty Devine Christmas Collection NecklaceTatty Devine Christmas Collection 2016Tatty Devine Red Wine and Cheese Necklace

11. Double BBQing

Over this weekend, we’ve hosted not one, but two barbecues. Considering our flat has a pretty decent garden space that was being very underused, we decided to spend some time on sorting the garden. It’s still no Pinterest-worthy space, that’s for sure, but it’s ours. It’s home. And having people over for BBQs is my new favourite thing (even if it is pretty darn stressful when the barbie won’t light properly…)

12. Thinking pink

I LOVE MY HAIR RIGHT NOW GUYS. After I’d handed in my notice in my previous role, I decided to go all out with some fun coloured hair. Okay, originally it was meant to be purple, but after the dye sent it more pink, I realised I absolutely loved it. As someone drawn to red clothing, it’s been a challenge not clashing my hair with my wardrobe. But I feel super ‘me’ with my latest hair dye adventure – and I’ve also been exploring the perfect makeup for pink hair.

Bit of a bumper edition there eh? What have been your July highlights – let me know in the comments!

*Post contains PR samples