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Five Reasons to Visit Pizza Pilgrims, Soho

Five Reasons to Visit Pizza Pilgrims, Soho

Pizza Pilgrims Soho | The Best Pizza in Soho

After the best pizza in Soho? I am, always. As a self-confessed pizza enthusiast, the fact I still hadn’t given Pizza Pilgrims a try until recently was a slightly baffling circumstance. There are now five branches across the city, as well as the company’s very own street food van that takes their pizza out and about around town.

After I met up with Emma and Pedro for London Pride, we were a little peckish so headed to the Dean Street branch so I could lose my Pilgrims virginity.

Here are five reasons why you should do the same…

1 | The Pizza
Well, obviously.

I had the Salsicca e Friarelli pizza – topped with fennel sausage, chilli, wild broccoli, parmesan and olive oil. AND IT WAS DELICIOUS. Plenty of topping, the sausage and broccoli worked really well together.

The pizza dough is also something pretty special – normally, I’m not big on crusts, preferring to eat as much topping as possible before I’m full. But I absolutely scoffed the crusts on these without a second thought. Is this actually the best pizza in Soho? Maybe. Either way, it’s one you need to get in your face.

2 | The Drinks

Pizza Pilgrims Beer  | The Best Pizza in Soho

The selection of craft beers and lager is small yet well-thought out – I went for a can of the Birra Moretti, which was light, easy to drink and worked really well with the pizza.

If you’re feeling a bit more fancy, there’s also a small range of cocktails to choose from – I loved the sound of Lola’s Cherry Cola – Disaronno, Prosecco and Chinotto topped with a glacé cherry. And for £6, it’s a relatively inexpensive Soho restaurant cocktail too.

3 | The People-Watching Vantage Point
At the Dean Street Branch, there’s seating available tucked away downstairs (which I didn’t even realise!). However, the best place to sit is definitely on the ‘bar’ style seating by the window. With the restaurant being situated on a corner, it’s a perfect spot for a bit of people-watching. And where more exciting to indulge in some classic London people watching than Soho? (also – GREAT lighting for food pics).

4 | The Extras

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Pizza Pilgrims Olives | The Best Pizza in Soho

Pizza Pilgrims’ menu is pretty simple – something I’m totally down with as the girl who once had a teary breakdown in Sainsburys over what yoghurts to buy.

We grabbed a bowl of mixed olives for sharing – a good sized portion to whet our appetites before the dough-y goodness that was about to hit our table. I also loved the sound of the Buffalo mozzarella with smoked tomatoes, black pepper and rocket.

If a big ol’ pizza hasn’t quite filled you up, there’s also a selection of desserts to finish off your meal with, including a Nutella and salted ricotta dough ring. Although I definitely didn’t have enough room for one of these, anything Nutella-y gets a thumbs up for me, and I have to pop back soon and give this a try. More of an ice cream fan? You can get plain vanilla or vanilla with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt, provided by Soho Gelateria.

5 | The Prices
With none of the regular pizzas on the menu going over a tenner, and starting at just £5.50 for a Marinara, Pizza Pilgrims definitely offers an affordable pizza experience if you’re in penny-pinching-pre-payday mode. In fact, there’s probably enough in my change box to afford one RIGHT now. Seeya in a bit, guys.

Pizza Pilgrims
11 Dean Street, Soho, London, W1D 3RP
0207 287 8964