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A Rooftop Breakfast with Farfetch

A Rooftop Breakfast with Farfetch

Boundary Roof Terrace London

Usually, my breakfasts consists of a yoghurt and granola pot at 11am when I realise I won’t be able to make it through to lunchtime without some kind of sustinence. My mornings are usually rushed and spent frantically pawing around my bedroom for my lost house keys/Oyster card/eyeliner, so fitting in a filling breakfast never seems to make it onto the agenda.

Which is why the lovely folks at Farfetch inviting me along to a bloggers’ breakfast at Boundary London seemed like a very good idea to actually get me ‘set up for the day’ (yes, I am turning into your mother). Plus, it was at a sensible 10am start time, which I can definitely get behind.

I managed to co-ordinate tubes with the ever-wonderful Charley (we’re pretty good at this now) on the way to Shoreditch’s Boundary hotel and restaurant. Tucking ourselves into a tiny lift with some other brilliant bloggers and the fabulous Lauren from Farfetch, we stepped out onto one of the loveliest rooftop gardens I’ve seen in the city.

More on that in a bit…

Boundary Roof Terrace London Rooftop MenuBoundary Roof Terrace London Breakfast TeaBoundary Roof Terrace London Hot Chocolate

As I’m not the biggest tea or coffee drinker, I ordered up a tangy, fresh lemon juice for my ‘healthy’ drink, and a rich, sweet dark hot chocolate because…well, hot chocolate is a reason in itself, right? Although I almost regret not getting a pot of tea, because I got kinda jealous of the snazzy see-through teapots.

Boundary Roof Terrace London TableBoundary Roof Terrace London Orange Trees

The dining area was definitely a bit of a Pinterest dream – lots of wooden panelling and flooring, natural light pouring in through the glass walls and ceilings. Inside, there were orange trees and festoon lighting, with minimal wooden tables and white chairs decorated with pot plants. Perfect for all your flat lay needs, basically.

Boundary Roof Terrace London Roof GardenBoundary Roof Terrace London SkylineBoundary Roof Terrace London Rooftop SeatingBoundary Roof Terrace London Rooftop Garden

When summer finally properly gets here, I could totally imagine myself sitting on their lovely roof terrace, gazing out at the Shoreditch skyline with a glass of prosecco or fruity cocktail in hand. Made for warm, balmy nights and bright days, the space is just wonderful – comfortable seating and lots of stylishly distressed wood.

Boundary Roof Terrace London BreakfastBoundary Roof Terrace London PastriesBoundary Roof Terrace London Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Egg

The bit you’re always waiting for now – the food. From their breakfast menu, I chose the scrambled eggs and smoked salmon plate, served with filling, crunchy-crusted toast. The salmon was wonderfully full of flavour, working well with the lightness of the scrambled eggs. Despite my initial worries that it was quite a small plate, it filled me up nicely – and the breads and pastries also available were fresh and all delicious-looking.

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Vivienne Westwood Purse

As the icing on the cake (or pastry, probably more appropriately) to a fabulous morning, after scoffing our breakfasts, Lauren and Lee from Farfetch presented us with goodie bags including our own special gifts from the Farfetch site. I don’t really own designer items as I’m mostly forever skint, but I’ve always wanted a little something from Vivienne Westwood. So this beautiful, blue, leathery snakeskin-look purse is going to be taking pride of place in my handbag.#

I had the best morning at Boundary with the Farfetch team – it definitely lifted my mood for the rest of the day. Breakfast in beautiful surroundings with great company – does it get much better?!

Boundary London
2-4 Boundary Street, Shoreditch, London, E2 7DD
020 7729 1051

*I was invited along for a complimentary breakfast from the team at Farfetch – all opinions, as always, my own.