The Five-Song Road Trip Playlist

Off road trippin’ this summer? After a working vehicle, copious snacks and excellent company, the next obvious necessity for any adventure cruisin’ down the highway (yes, I’m getting all American on y’all) is a road trip playlist of tunes that’ll keep you going all the way to your next destination.

Making playlists is something I think I’m quite good at. In fact, I’m working on one now to inflict on my fellow Trek America passengers in the van when I head off on my next trip in August. Therefore, when HMV challenged me to make and share my very own holiday playlist, I thought it’d be SUPER easy.

Then they told me I was only allowed five songs on it. FIVE SONGS. For my entire holiday road trip playlist. Desert Island Discs style, but instead I’m driving through the desert. Back to the drawing board, a lot of thinking required. What jams would I not get sick of if I had to hear them again and again and again…

Turns out, there are plenty. Here be my much-debated final five…

1. Jimmy Eat World – The Middle
Well, duh. If there was ever a song that made me jump up and down cause it’s SO my jam, this is it. Jimmy Eat World make fabulously singalong summer-friendly guitar tunes. Everyone I know loves this song – from my metalhead pals to the trance-heads, I feel like it’s a tune everyone has a soft spot for.

2. Deaf Havana – Boston Square
Despite being a million worlds away from their old stuff, Deaf Havana’s Old Souls album is SUCH a road trip album. It’s got a proper Springsteen-y, Americana vibe perfect for sunny days and straight roads in a classic American automobile. This song always gets me going when I’m stepping out of the house – and I could definitely play it on repeat for ages and not be anywhere near gouging out my eardrums. Winner.

3. Journey – Seperate Ways
Nowt like a bit of classic rock to ride along Route 66 to. Although when I did my last America trip, we were blasting Don’t Stop Believin’, it’s Seperate Ways that wins the accolade of my favourite Journey song. Air grabs all the way. Plus, this was the song playing when I ziplined over Vegas’ Fremont Street, so it has some pretty awesome travel associations!

4. Yellowcard – Ocean Avenue
I just never, ever get bored of this song. Those violins, that HUGE chorus. I actually got disproportionately excited when I was in Santa Monica, because I could Instagram an Ocean Avenue street sign. Even though it wasn’t even the same Ocean Avenue, at all (the one from the song is in Florida). I still totally listened to this song walking along the clifftop gazing out over the beautiful California shore and sea.

5. AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long
Pretty much just so I have an excuse to drive an Impala and pretend I’m in Supernatural.

If you only had five songs for a holiday/road trip playlist, what would they be?

*Post in collaboration with HMV. Excellent music taste, all my own.

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