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Style & Home | Ten Things From Debenhams AW16 You Need To Get Excited By

Style & Home | Ten Things From Debenhams AW16 You Need To Get Excited By

Debenhams AW16 Home and Fashion Inspiration


Alright, so I know it’s not even Spring yet so totally nowhere even near time to talk Autumn and I know the point of press days is for advanced editorial planning etc etc. BUT. I went along to Debenhams’ AW16 Press Day the other week after work, and oh boy, were there some lovely things.

Here are ten of my fave bits that I totally want adorning my home and self…

1 | Funky lamps

Debenhams AW16 Home Inspiration Rabbit Lamp Debenhams AW16 Home Inspiration Monkey Lamp

I actually spotted some of these lamps at the last Debs show I went to, and I’m just in awe of how quirky and fun these Abigail Ahern / Edition beauties are. A fun centrepiece for a minimalist decorated room, or a great addition to a room already full of unusual treasures. Either way, they are brilliant and quite literally lighting up my life right now.

2 | Leopard Print Clutch

Debenhams AW16 Fashion Leopard Print Bag

Oh hello lovely leopard print.

Savannah Miller has definitely done well with her style choices for her Nine range right here. Alright, it’s £65, which is totally more than I’d usually spend on a bag. But really, I could get SO much use out of this.

This bag is totally the perfect size for a night out or casual day adventuring. Maybe not so much a workday ‘everything but the kitchen sink and too many lipsticks’, but if you can downsize, you go girl. And it’s got TASSELS.

Did I mention the leopard print?

3 | Cosy Cushions

Debenhams Home Inspiration Cushions

Who doesn’t love a cushion or a million scattered all over the house making it impossible to sit anywhere, but they look so pretty? Butterfly Home by Matthew Williamson have some stunning cushions coming up, with beautiful embroidery, luxurious textures and fun colours, adding a bit of awesomeness to any room.

4 | High Neck Ruffle Blouse

Debenhams AW16 Fashion Gothic Style

There’s not much I like more than black’n’lace, and the gothic vibe is hitting Debs this A/W with these lovely pieces. The high ruffle neck blouse (£55) and cape (£70) are from the Siren by Giles Deacon range, and perfect for indulging goth tendencies when you have a day job dress code to contend with.

5 | Accessories for dog-lovers

Debenhams Home Inspiration Dog CushionDebenhams Home Inspiration Dog Ornament

Well, it’s pretty obvious why these are awesome, right. Honestly, I’m a dog gal over cats (sorry blogosphere) and for any dog owner, this Ben De Lisi cushion is a perfect addition to the living room sofa. Just make sure your pup doesn’t accidentally chew it up.

And for those of us who can’t have a dog in their life thanks to work, travel, being vaguely irresponsible…at least you can decorate your mantelpiece with this snazzy silver one.

Plus, it won’t try and bite the postman’s hand off, which is a bonus.

6 | Oxblood boots

Debenhams AW16 Fashion Oxblood Boots

Honestly, Faith isn’t a brand I’d usually think to go to for footwear. Not that they don’t have some lovely styles, I just never really thought of them as ‘me’. Until I saw these beautiful oxblood babies (£79) with those fabulous tassels and realised how much I need them on my feet. Alright, they’re higher than my usual day boots but for how lovely they are, I’ll take the blister plasters.

And the bag with them (£35) is super cute too. Matchy-matchy fabulousness, all day long.

7 | Whimsical Prints in the kitchen

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Debenhams AW16 Home Inspiration Kitchenware

There’s nowt much more cosy in autumntime than busy, homely prints, right? I love the detail and colours on everything in the At Home by Ashley Thomas range, and even though I don’t drink tea much, I still kinda really want this teapot. Cuuute.

8 | A fun twist on the classic bomber jacket

Debenhams AW16 Fashion Bomber Jacket

Got some money to spend? Nope, me neither. On the off-chance you have, I kinda love this Todd Lyn Jacket (£175), with it’s tatoo-style swallow embroidery and adorable 3/4 length sleeves.

9 | Motivational messages for your walls

Debenhams Home Inspiration Romantic Girly

In particular, I just love the How Fab Are You! print. Put this by the door for a motivational boost every morning. Debs’ ‘Cosmopolitan’ trend also has loads of pastel shades and prettiness, including polka dot cushions and mini drawers (hellooo).

10 | H! by Henry Holland Tartan Backpack

Debenhams AW16 Fashion H! Henry Holland backpack

Since picking one up for my US trip, I’ve totally embraced the backpack thing. A thing I swore I’d never get into, until I realised how neat it is to have all your stuff on your back rather than dangling precariously from the crook of your exhausted arm.

H! by Henry Holland always bring out the funky stuff, and this black and red checked backpack (£45) is basically exactly what your grown-up-emo-kid heart has always desired.

What are your faves from my Debs A/W picks?