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The Back Room Bar & Hard Rock Vault Tour

The Back Room Bar & Hard Rock Vault Tour

Back Room Bar Hard Rock Cafe London

I promised you a cool bar post yesterday, didn’t I? I like to keep my promises. Welcome to The Back Room Bar, one of Mayfair’s best kept secrets.

I headed over back in May for the launch of the new Hard Rock Burger World Tour, and found myself a little enamoured by the bar itself. I love intimate, interesting spaces and anywhere with a music-related twist is guaranteed to have me interested. It’s also within easy distance of some of the best things to do in London, so a brilliant place to stop off for a drink and bite to eat during a day of exploring.

Back Room Bar London Hard Rock Cafe ceiling Back Room Bar Hard Rock Cafe London

The decor in the bar is severely awesome. For a start, if you #havethisthingwithceilings on Instagram, The Back Room Bar’s is a pretty majestic sight, carved with HRC (Hard Rock Cafe, obviously) initials and musical instrument motifs. The room is full of interesting vintage and iconic items, with lots of links to the music world. Kiss memorabilia, an original poster from The Who and 1970s copies of Melody Maker, as well as a seating area made from a confession booth.

Oh, and there’s also a door from the famous Apple Studios. Signed by The Beatles. Who you just might have heard of.

The Back Room Bar Hard Rock Cafe Beers

As well as the tasty, intriguing cocktails you’d expect from the Hard Rock Cafe brand and some decent beers on tap, you can also grab yourself a pizza for less than a tenner.

Back Room Bar Hard Rock Cafe Beer Pong

After sitting down, eating some food and having a big chat about all things fun with Lissa, it was time. To Face. The Beer Pong. Turns out I’m not actually that bad at it. By that, I mean I was the only person who actually got a ball in a cup during our game before we got called up to our Hard Rock Vaults tour (hold your horses, I’m getting there). Which basically means, we won, right? Yep, good.

Hard Rock Cafe Vaults London

The first piece of memorabilia displayed in London’s Hard Rock Cafe was a guitar from Eric Clapton, who asked for it to be displayed over his favourite table. Since then, Hard Rock Cafes across the world have been purveyors of rare and important music memorabilia. But some of the Cafe’s most interesting pieces of all lie beneath the cafe, underneath the gift shop, in the Hard Rock Cafe Vault.

We were taken down a small staircase, past photographs of various rock and roll legends at the venue, and into the Vault itself. It’s actually a very small and quite dark room, a treasure trove of rock and roll history.

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Hard Rock Cafe Vaults TourHard Rock Cafe Vaults London Tour

Some of the highlights of the vault includes the iconic microphone stand used by Paul Stanley of KISS, the late David Bowie’s acoustic guitar, and items from musical icons ranging from Led Zeppelin to The Beatles. I don’t want to give away too much of the Vault’s mystery, but it’s definitely a great place to visit and look around if you’re a fan of classic rock and pop. Plus, the guides are really knowledgable about all the memorabilia and history, so they’re great to answer any burning questions you might have.

If you’re pushed for time and want a bit of Hard Rock experience without queueing for longer than it’d take to listen to all of these songs, The Back Room Bar and Vaults are an offbeat way to explore rock and roll history in London.

The Back Room Bar
148 Old Park Ln, London W1K 1QY

*I was invited along to an event at The Back Room Bar, with no obligation to write a post.