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New Horizons

Flowercard x Lisa Stickley

So, here’s some news.

I have a new job.

Not just any job. Remember how much I’ve raved about my Trek America trip in April? Well, as of July 18th, I’ll be joining their team as Marketing and Social Media Executive.


Ever since I first picked up a notepad at the age of fourteen and jumped on a bus by myself to Norwich city centre to interview an up-and-coming band called the Kaiser Chiefs, I’ve pretty much known writing and creating content is just what I need to do. I’m pretty sure my mum has a copy of that little local magazine at home somewhere still.

Since the internet became a thing most of us probably couldn’t spend a day without, there’s been a place for anyone who wants to write or create in general to share with the world. From dreadful Myspace photo edits through to flawless YouTube vids, social media gives us all a platform to share our lives – and take a step into the shoes of others. A place to be inspired, to inspire others, and to find your tribe.

Writing this blog has impacted on my life in ways I wouldn’t have dreamed of when I was taking dreadful outfit pics on my Macbook webcam in my tiny Portsmouth bedroom. From meeting some incredible people and having out of this world experiences, to being an inspiration to do more and finally, having a huge impact on the direction of my career.

Heading out to America changed the way I looked at the world. Spending time with people who just loved to travel, helped me work out where I really wanted to head in life, and taking on challenges that made me realise how strong I am when I put my mind to it. So when I spotted the Marketing and Social Media Exec role advertised on Trek America’s Facebook page, I threw worries about being underqualified into the wind and applied anyway. One (really enjoyable) interview later, the job was mine.

So here I am now.

Because treating yourself is fabulous, an offer of being sent a Flowercard to try out coincided perfectly with my news. I actually found out a week ago that I’d got the job, and have had to keep it quiet until everything was sorted – and that fell perfectly in line with this arriving! It’s a really unique way to send flowers in the post, and also great if you’re sending to someone who doesn’t have much space in their poky ‘just graduated’ flat for a big bunch o’ posies. This design’s called Painted Love and it’s from the Lisa Stickley collection, with cute pink roses, lisianthus and veronicas, accompanied by loads of lush greenery. Definitely an awesome ‘well done to me’ present!

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I suppose the crux of this post, along with sharing my OMFG IS THIS REAL news is not to give up hope. At the beginning of this year (hell, even this month) I had no idea whatsoever that I’d be in this position right now. I’ve previously written about struggling with rejection, and I’ve looked at other people doing jobs I dream of and scratching my head about how to get there before crawling back to my bottle of wine and sleepless nights. Now I feel like I finally AM that person. Me. Actual me.

So yeah. Go believe in yourself, and keep on plugging at what you love. It might take months, it might take years, but true passion and dedication really does shine through eventually.

As for me? I’m off to pinch myself a bit more that this is actually happening, and see some of my fave girls tonight and celebrate us all being ridiculously awesome humans. Have an amazing weekend!

(P.S I’ll definitely be harassing you all to follow Trek America and Grand American Adventures’ social channels soon – I’ll be creating live content from the Atlantic Dream trip in August, which you won’t want to miss out on!)