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Things I’ve Loved This Week #6

Things I’ve Loved This Week #6

I have spent most of today in bed after a slightly heavy one last night at a Bavarian Beerhouse with some of the best people. Just because there’s sherbert with ’em, doesn’t mean vodka shots are a good idea, folks.

In a relatively short and snappy post cause I’m sleepy, here are some things I’ve loved this week!

Not your average nan’s house

Little Nans House 90s Pop Up Bar in Dalston

On Thursday night, I met up with some of the girls for a night at Little Nan’s Rio Bar in Dalston. And it’s pretty much the bar of my actual dreams. Amazing decor, top 90s tunes, cocktails in chinaware and pick’n’mix. Oh, and a DRESS UP ROOM. Prepare for a full post on this one later in the week, cause it’s a good’un.

Bitchin’ Stitchin’

Subversive Cross Stitch Pattern

While we’re on the subject of nans, get a load of my new hobby. I picked up the super amazing Subversive Cross Stitch book by Julie Jackson on Amazon, along with a ridiculous amount of thread, some fabric and some needles and now I’m spending my Friday nights in my PJs embroidering sassy lil messages.

I was definitely in need of a hobby that doesn’t involve going on the internet (ha), and I’ve actually found it pretty relaxing (apart from when I REALLY messed up my first one and had a tantrum and threw my material across the room in a sweary fit of frustration). It’s super easy to follow the patterns in the book too, and I’ll have some prime birthday and Christmas pressies ready once I do more.

Fun on the South Bank with Cadbury

Cadburys Obey Your Mouth HouseCadburys Obey Your Mouth funhouseCadburys Obey Your Mouth House

If there’s something that involves both chocolate and fun? Chances are I’ll be there.

Over this weekend, Cadbury have been treating Southbank visitors to both, with their pop up ‘Obey Your Mouth’ funhouse. I went along earlier in the week to check it out, and basically had a great time looking round, eating chocolate samples and pretending I’d gone down the slide for the photo opp.

Each room was designed after a different Cadbury chocolate bar – the Twirl room was a ball pit, and a spacehopper racetrack took place in the Boost zone. Made from shipping containers, the Obey Your Mouth house had a deceptively big amount of things to do, as well as free chocolate samples from every room. Ending up in the Crunchie room, a disco with an ACTUAL DJ, it definitely gave me that Friday Feeling before F-day had even arrived!

See Also

Mega pizza slices at Voodoo Ray’s

Voodoo Rays Pizza

Voodoo Ray’s is definitely in my top five London pizza spots, so with it being almost next to Little Nan’s, it’d be rude not to indulge, right? Besides, I’ve been eating salads and healthy gubbins all week but that went out of the window with all the pick’n’mix.

Honestly, I don’t even look at the menu when I go to VRs, I just gaze at all the slices on display and point at the one that looks the nicest. The best way of choosing food. Anyway, making deductions from their menu online right now, I think this one’s The Meat is On – covered in pepperoni, bacon, minced steak and lotsa oozy cheese.

So good I’m now contemplating the idea of getting Deliveroo to bring me five to stuff into my tired and hungover body.

Have a good week guys! What’s been your highlights from the one just gone?