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Livin’ in A Snackster’s Paradise

Livin’ in A Snackster’s Paradise

Pork Farms Pork Pies

Because who needs a snazzy little SEO optimised title when you’ve got a Coolio reference, right? This will also be known as the day I ate a whole four pack of sweet chilli topped pork pies and didn’t even feel guilty about it. Livin’ life right.

So, last week, I went along to the Walls and Pork Farms press day before work for a bit of tasting and checking out what’s new. I’m not normally one for dedicating individual posts to press days, but, er, I just really like eating things and talking about it. Also, I really liked the pictures I took. And, most importantly, the products on offer were RATHER TASTY indeed and definitely worth sharing for the benefit of anyone who likes snacks, picnic food and breakfast.

Pork Farms Sweet Chilli Topped Pork Pies

The Pork Farms Branston Pickle Topped pork pies, I could totally get behind and made a total beeline for at the tasting table. Because I usually smother my pork pies in a good dose of Branstons already, so having it already there saves me washing up a knife. Valuable time that could be spent looking at pictures of dogs being basic. However, the sweet chilli topping was a bit of a curveball for me. I like sweet chilli and all, but it seems a bit out of place on the uber-British pork pie.

Turns out, it really works. While I’m not sure I’ll be totally giving up my much-loved Branston squeezy tube just yet, the sweet chilli adds an interesting twist to a classic. They’ll totally be making their way onto my picnic blanket this summer.

As well as eating lots of pork pie samples, I also learnt a few things – including the fact that the original pork pie came from ye olden times in the Melton Mowbray area, when servants would go out with their masters on hunts. They’d wrap offcuts of meat up in pastry, and open up the pastry to eat the meat while they were out and about. Eventually, the masters cottoned on to it being tasty and got into the pork pie hype themselves. Hence Melton Mowbray pork pies. Keep that one tucked away for pub quiz points.

Walls Breakfast Twist

Sometimes when I’m feeling particularly bad morning blues, I’ll cheer myself up with a bacon and cheese turnover. Yeah, I know, picture of health, right here – but once a week or so (hello Mondays), you just NEED baked goods. BUT. You know how annoying it is standing up and having pastry flutter all over the floor from your lap, yes? (Fun fact: I once spent a whole day with a fair sized chunk of pastry chilling out in that middle bit of my bra. I’m a totally attractive human being.)

Walls Breakfast Twists are not only a healthier choice than a greasy pastry, but thanks to Walls ingeniously using flatbread instead, there isn’t the usual mess-making issue that comes with my usual breakfast snack. You can eat them cold, or pop ’em in the microwave for sixty seconds for a little morning warmth.

I tried out both the bacon and egg and the sausage and egg versions (a taster of each, not the whole thing, I’m not THAT bad, honest). I’m not the hugest egg eater, but I was fine with it in these, because it wasn’t overpowering, and the bacon in particular was super smoky and just the right balance between crispy and still edible. Sometimes I find breakfast pastries to be a little dry, however thanks to the tomato relish inside, these definitely aren’t. Another bonus of the relish over sauce is that it doesn’t get hotter than the sun in the microwave and burn off your tastebuds.

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Oh, and I can imagine them being GREAT for hangover days. Winner all round.

Pork Farms UK

So, whether you’re a picnic-er, a desk eater, or just after a fast foodie fill-up with a good ol’ dose of British heritage – hopefully this has helped satisfy the snackster in you.

And right now, I’ve got a 4-pack of Walls sausage rolls gazing at me from the kitchen counter…

What are your fave on-the-go snack foods?