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Sundays. A day of rest, bacon sandwiches, and making yourself get off the sofa to ‘enjoy the weather’. Because it probably won’t be nice much longer, right? Last weekend, I dragged myself out of my cosy bed and went for a little walk in the nearby woods, because we’ve lived in this flat for almost five months now and I STILL haven’t got around to exploring them. More fool me, because they’re quite lovely really.

Taking full advantage of the sunny day (well, and the fact that I needed to take some blog photos wearing it), I got my pins out in this Missguided Porcelain Shirt Detail Playsuit*. I love the pattern so much, although it’s a bit awks to sit down in as the bottom half is tighter than the top and rides up a fair bit. But when I’m standing up and walking about I really like how comfy it is.

Blue Printed Missguided PlaysuitWalk In The WoodsRed Heart Sunglasses

I found it using Octer, an actually-really-useful shopping site which compiles pieces from around 200 different online stores, making it way easier to search for something specific than trawling individual stores. And definitely MUCH more in-depth than Google’s rubbish ‘shopping’ tab that just throws eBay links into your search results. Although I may not have discovered Octer before they offered to send me something lovely to wear, I’ve actually been using it generally since (for a start? It’s fab for themed wishlist posts).

These Floozie Red Heart Sunglasses* also got taken on their first outing – I’ve had them a while now but thanks to my usual super-boring taste in sunglasses (black, fake Ray Ban, Primark, £1? Check.) haven’t actually got around to wearing them. But daaaamn, they cute. And will be worn way more often now sunshine days are beginning to kick in.

Blue Printed Missguided Playsuit Walk In The WoodsBlue Printed Missguided Playsuit

Our little stroll around the woods reminded me how lucky I am to live where I do. I’m just within Zone 3 of London, meaning it’s pretty easy to get into central at speed, with the train station being 10 minutes from my house. We’ve got shops, pubs and a 24-hour Tesco (and Maccies) on our doorstep. But we also live right on the edge of lots of greenery, trees and perfect picnic spots. If you walk the opposite way to central, it almost feels like you’re in a countryside village. So we get the best of both worlds, which is pretty perfect.

Walk In The Woods

What do you love about where you live?

(P.S Yes yes yes I KNOW I need to sort out my roots. This – and cocktails – is why I’ve just sold half my LIFE on eBay.)

*PR sample items. But I look hella cute in them right?

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